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Maxwell Lord was the manager of the Ultimen.


As the publicist of the Ultimen, Lord got them licensing and endorsement deals. He claimed that the money he gained from popularity sales went back to the team in order to fund overhead and basic necessities.

The chairpersons of the League disliked Max Lord about as much as Batman distrusted his intentions, the latter likening him as a one-man vanity fair who paid more attention to making fast cash and garnering ineffectual grandstanding validation than about caring for the world or alleviating its ill's.

Max wasn't only their manager, but also their caretaker employed by Project Cadmus. He genuinely cared for the Ultimen, making him a sort of surrogate father to them. He tried to bargain with Amanda Waller and then risked his life to try and bring them back to Cadmus alive.

When the Ultimen were defeated by the Justice League, Lord assured them that their last days would be comfortable.

Background information[]

In DC Comics, Maxwell Lord was the public face for the Justice League International, who eventually gained the ability to influence people with his mind. However, over time, he was revealed to be a criminal mastermind who secretly despised the Justice League as with all meta-powered beings. During the Infinite Crisis, he murdered Blue Beetle and manipulated Superman to believe that Batman, Wonder Woman, and the other members of the Justice League of America were his enemies (Darkseid, Doomsday, etc.). The only way to stop it was to kill Lord, and Wonder Woman snapped his neck, causing a rift between Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman.


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