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Max Gibson is Terry McGinnis's close friend.

She is considered a computer genius who manages to discover the best-kept secrets in Gotham City.

As she was looking for a challenge, Max decided to use her computer know-how to discover Batman's secret identity. Using her skills in computers and electronics, she managed to construct a program that tracked all of Batman's appearances, and slowly it began to track all of Batman's possible identities that fit the criteria.

However when Max began to be stalked and harassed by a Joker named Terminal, she turned her resources to uncovering her assailant. Her computer program, spit out "Terry McGinnis" as a prime suspect for a student leading a double life. Max assumed Terry was Terminal, but when Batman saved her from Terminal, she concluded that Terry was the Tomorrow Knight.

Since she discovered Terry's alter-ego she's been helping him with everything to computer hacking, to babysitting to coming up with excuses for Dana. She plays an integral part in Batman's war on crime.

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