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Maximillian "Maxie" Zeus was a former shipping CEO turned supervillain.


Maximilian Zeus was the CEO of Maximilian Shipping Company in Gotham City. When his business interests started to struggle, he used his company to smuggle for the Mafia in order to maintain his business. As a result of the stresses that this double life involved, he suffered a mental breakdown, becoming detached from reality. He had always admired Greece and its history, even traveling there with his assistant/girlfriend Clio. After his mental breakdown, he presented himself as the supreme Greek God Zeus, dressing in a period costume and carrying a metal thunderbolt that could emit an electrical charge. His penthouse, which occupied the entire top floor of his office building, was decorated in the Greek style and stretched above Gotham as his Mount Olympus.

Dubbing himself Zeus, he planned to steal the federal government's Electrical Discharge Cannon, attempting to claim Gotham as his private domain. Zeus was so deluded that not even his girlfriend Clio could completely convince him to stop.

After stealing the cannon, Zeus first met Batman, who he referred as Hades. Batman later infiltrated Zeus' complex and eventually tried to overload the cannon with Zeus' thunderbolt rod; Zeus leapt after it and electrocuted himself unconscious. He was later sent to Arkham Asylum, where he 'realized' the place was the real Mount Olympus, populated with his own pantheon of personae.


Batman: The Animated Series

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