Mason Forrest
AKA: Mace
Species: Human
Hair: Black
Eyes: Black
Base: Gotham City
Voiced by: Ian Ziering

Mason Forrest was a jock at Hill High.


Mason played for the Hill High Hawks, but in order to live up to his coach's expectations, he took slappers. He quickly became addicted, and to finance his new lifestyle, he turned to theft. Together with Dirk and Jody, they burglarized several stores while also using Slappers to enhance themselves to fight away any security that might catch them. One of these heists resulted in an encounter with Batman, whom unbeknownst to them was in fact one of their classmates Terry McGinnis, who likewise recognized him after one of his friends called out Mason's name while Batman restrained him. Backed into a corner, he then used some slappers to easily overpower Batman and have him and his friends escape.

To those close to him, it was obvious Mason took slappers. Coach Creagar looked the other way, but his girlfriend Chelsea wanted nothing to do with it and even his fellow teammates (themselves slapper-users) became concerned. In the mean time, his addiction was growing by stages. First he used slappers for a game, which soon elevated into a secondary stage of using slappers for practices, followed by a tertirary stage of being unable to function in everyday life without slappers. Mason and his partners continue to do poorly in their games and complain that they can't even get through practice without slappers, since Batman took their stash. Fortunately for them, one of them had stolen a cash card, which Mason takes to the next drop off. However, Batman is watching and interrupts the delivery. The car speeds away but Batman puts a tracer on it. Mason was so pathetically needy that he tries to run after the car but trips, and is easily apprehended.

After Batman broke up the slapper ring, Mason and his friends were arrested. As he was seen briefly in future episodes, it was likely that he was sobered of his slapper addiction due to Batman's impeding of production, and whatever punishment was granted to Mason has now been served.


Batman Beyond

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