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Mary McGinnis is the mother of Terry McGinnis and Matt McGinnis and ex-wife of the late Warren McGinnis. She is an astronomer at Astro-Tech.


At some point, Mary met and married Warren. During their marriage, Warren was unknowingly injected with a nanotech solution programmed to rewrite his reproductive material into a copy of Bruce Wayne's during what was thought to be a flu shot. The solution was created as a part of Amanda Waller's plan to make Bruce's successor. Almost a year after the injection, Mary gave birth to her son, Terry, who was genetically her son with Bruce.[1]

When Terry was about eight years old, Mary accompanied her son and husband to see the movie The Grey Ghost Strikes. Unknown to her and her family, however, an assassin lurked in the parking area, preparing to kill both Mary and Warren to force Terry onto the path to becoming the new Batman. However, the assassin, who personally knew the first Batman, refused to go through with the assassination, thus sparing both Mary and Warren's lives.[1]

Soon after the assassination attempt, Mary gave birth to her second son, Matthew, the second son of Mary and Bruce.[1]

Sometime after Matt's birth, Mary and Warren divorced for unknown reasons, after which Mary took custody of Matt while Warren took Terry. When Warren was murdered, purportedly by a gang of Jokerz, Terry moved back in with Mary and Matt. She did her best to reassure Terry that Warren's death was not his fault.[2]

Soon after Terry's return to Mary's home, Bruce arrived offering Terry a job as his personal assistant. Initially, Mary was enthusiastic about her son working for Bruce.[2] That enthusiasm waned, however, when Terry soon began staying out late more often than not, which resulted in him sleeping in class. Mary even caught Terry carrying Slappers in his bag, leading her to assume that drug use was the reason for her son's odd and secretive behavior and resulted in her grounding him. She was later relieved when Bruce was able to produce test results proving that Terry was clean of drugs.[3]


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