DC Animated Universe

Martin "Marty" Lebeau was a small time crook.


Lebeau planned a heist at S.T.A.R. Labs, for which he needed his old friend Rudy Jones there. He agreed to pay off Rudy's gambling debts if he could get access to the loading bay. Rudy had to drive the forklift to load several mysterious crates of chemicals into Marty's pickup. Rudy's clumsy driving got on Marty's nerves, and when security guards showed up, he got into a firefight with them. He managed to drive away, with Rudy and the chemicals in the back.

During the wild ride, Rudy as doused with the chemicals, turning him into a hulking purple creature. Martin swerved until Rudy fell out. He made his getaway to his hideout in Hob's Bay. The next morning, Rudy - now Parasite - found him, intent on revenge, and with his new powers, drained the energy from him. Superman intervened before Parasite could finish him.


Superman: The Animated Series