Species: Human
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Black
Base: Gotham City
Affiliations: Thomas Blake
Voiced by: Jim Piddock

Martin was a member of Thomas Blake's cult.


After Catwoman stole a precious golden statuette, Blake sent Martin and a female cultist after her. After a chase through the streets of Gotham, Martin and the others had her cornered in an alley, and Catwoman was about to give up. However, Martin refused to get the statue back, stating that it had been defiled and it could only be cleansed with blood. Not looking forward to injury or death, Catwoman took on the cultists and fled.


Martin caught.

She found Batman, and Martin caught up with them. He and a few other cult members chased and attacked the Batmobile, but their motorcycles were too slow. Martin did track them down to Catwoman's hideout, an abandoned warehouse once owned by Pretty Kitty Import. As Martin and his men opened fire, Batman and Catwoman fled to a nearby factory, and escaped through the chimney. Martin ordered his men to turn up the gas, and light the chimney. The explosion knocked out Catwoman, and they took her back to Blake's estate. However, Martin had difficulties starting his bike, and was jumped by Batman.

Batman interrogated Martin in a dark and menacing part of the Batcave. Martin refused to budge, so Batman unleashed a horde of bats on him. He lost his balance and fell into an abyss, but was saved by Batman. In terrible fright, he told him everything.


The New Batman Adventures

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