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Market Day is the second installment of this tale, and ran for approximately 2:50. In this part, Lobo is in hot pursuit of Sunny Jim, who has not only just trashed the Main Man's bike, but also has cheated on a bet with him. Jim is nevertheless on his way to a swap meet to try to offload Darlene for some much-needed cash.


Jim and Darlene in the market

Sunny Jim pulling Darlene through the market.

Sunny Jim is taking Darlene to Tubo's Swap Meet. She asks him if he lives there since he told her he was taking her home, then she adds how tacky it was for him to initially gas her and then take her somewhere so horrible. As he's pulling her through the swap meet, though, she begins to realize his true intention: he's planning to sell her like an appliance. Trailing close behind is Lobo on his bike and he's really angry that Sunny Jim not only cheated on the bet, but also destroyed his Spazz (bike). He vows to take Sunny Jim's privates and shove them in his ears.

Jim striking up a deal

Sunny Jim is trying to sell Darlene to Tubo.

Back at the swap meet, a great whale of a man is standing by a tent when he suddenly blurts out that he's hungry and wants to eat a candied hand. Someone within the tent plops a severed head into a cauldron of bubbling hot caramel. Just then, Sunny Jim approaches him and asks if he's interested in the girl. Tubo, the large man, replies with his own question: "what's wrong with her?" Sunny Jim says she talks too much, and Tubo doesn't seem all to interested, but relents and says he can sell her for parts. Jim names his price at two thousand, but Tubo is really not interested in paying that.

Lobo and Tubo

Lobo stuffs a bomb in Tubo's face.

The question of price becomes academic when Lobo pulls up and blasts Tubo right in the kisser. He tells Sunny that he's taking her, but Sunny does a snatch and run. Meanwhile, Tubo has recovered and pulls Lobo from his bike, and whips out a laser gun, aiming it point-blank at Lobo's head. The gun charges and blasts . . . blood splatters, and Tubo cackles with glee. Just then, however, Lobo grows back half of his head, gets up and the two lock arms, and begin pushing and shoving. Lobo gets the advantage when he places a bomb in Tubo's mouth and presses a remote detonator: BOOM! Tubo's body comes down to earth in bits and pieces.

Sunny Jim is on his way to the next quadrant, the Mental Zone. Darlene decries that no one ever comes out of this area alive, but it's too late with Lobo on their tail.

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Production notes[]

  • This Flash file also contains a game in which you attempt to shoot aliens shopping at the swap meet.