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Malcolm McDowell (born June 13, 1943 in Horsforth, West Riding of Yorkshire) is an English actor.

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Born in Leeds, England, McDowell gained cult status as Alex De Large, the "hero" of Stanley Kubrick's controversial 1971 film A Clockwork Orange, a violent, sociopathic teenager who becomes the subject of a government brain-washing experiment. Equally controversial roles include his starring parts in Caligula (1979) and Cat People (1982). In 1979 he also played H.G. Wells in the science-fiction film Time After Time, with his then-wife Mary Steenburgen and David Warner as Jack the Ripper.

More recent roles include the lead villains of Star Trek: Generations, Tank Girl (opposite Lori Petty, Ice-T, and Don Harvey) and Heroes (as Daniel Lindermann). He has also replaced Donald Pleasance as Dr. Samuel Loomis in the Rob Zombie remakes of the Halloween films and he has voiced Mad Mod from Teen Titans.

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