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"No, I'm an accident. Real heroes, they make a choice. I never did."

Dr. Michael "Mike" Morgan was once a prize-winning physicist until he became the molten powerhouse known as Magma, the leader of the Terrific Trio.


Mike Morgan had a prospering life. He had a successful career and was engaged with his beloved Mary Michaels. However, Morgan also had a treacherous friend ― Dr. Howard Hodges. Hodges, who was jealous of his life and had long coveted Morgan's fiancée, plotted to take Morgan out of the picture. Morgan was double-crossed and consequently transformed, along with Mary and Stewart Lowe, into a super-powered being. The trio would later become the government-sponsored team, "The Terrific Trio".

Magma became the group's most disenchanted member, due to his grotesque appearance. During a successful hostage rescue, Magma realized how much he had lost upon seeing the fear in the face of the little girl he had just saved. The frustration of not being able to touch his loved one, combined with the sense of confinement, Magma broke into Dr. Hodges' lab and stole their latest DNA scan. While he hauled himself away, Batman intercepted him, but the hero was no match to the superior strength of Magma.

Magma then headed back to the Trio Tower and showed his teammates proof that their DNA was deteriorating. At that moment, the Tower was attacked by General Norman, who was pulling the plug on the whole project. Magma punched his way out to the hangar, where the Trio used an aircraft as a decoy while they escaped underground.


Magma extinguished.

The Trio confronted Hodges with the proof of his involvement in the accident. Out of grief, they tried to replicate it, destroying the city if necessary. When Batman activated the ventilation system that seemly killed his fiancée and friend, the enraged Magma stopped Batman from hitting the abort button. When Batman tried to appeal to Magma's heroic side, he retorted that he was no hero but merely an accident, because he was never given a choice, and blocked Hodges' way out. Then, Batman doused him with water and punched him, causing his magma makeup to solidify. Magma presumably was captured or was killed.

Powers and abilities[]

After being bombarded with dangerous levels of radiation, Dr. Mike Morgan became a juggernaut made of magma with abilities like super-strength, invulnerability, and a melting touch.

Background information[]

Magma turn-arounds by Tommy Tejeda

Magma turn-arounds by Tommy Tejeda.

  • Magma's turnaround sheet was designed by Tommy Tejeda.[1]
  • Magma bears a resemblance to Tar Pit, a villain made of tar who is most frequently an enemy of the Flash.


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