Maggie Page
Species: Human
Hair: Gray
Voiced by: Paddi Edwards

Maggie Page was one of Alfred's rare flames.


Maggie was a British artist. Upon migrating to the United States, she met her countryman Alfred Pennyworth, and the two dated for a short time.

The sportive and outgoing Maggie tried to get Alfred to be more active. Bruce Wayne received an invitation to the Eternal Youth Spa, but declined due to business demands. Bruce proposed Alfred go, which Maggie viewed as an opportunity of sorts. As such, she and Alfred went on a getaway weekend to the spa. After a pleasant stay, Alfred seemed more relaxed, much to Maggie's joy. Both liked it so much they went in for a second weekend.

Back at the Spa, Doctor Demeter took them to the final phase of the rejuvenation process — or so Alfred and Maggie thought. Demeter revealed herself as Poison Ivy, and her henchgirls Lily and Violet sprayed demetrite on the couple, turning them into trees. After Batman stopped Ivy's operations, the process was reversed.

Both were hospitalized while recovering, and Bruce presented them with a bouquet of flowers in the hospital. The two now seem to have a dislike of plants, albeit mildly as they gently reminded Bruce Wayne what happened, and he apologized for the well-meaning gesture.


Batman: The Animated Series

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