Lucas was Carl Fowler's partner in crime.


Lucas was a special effects designer, once suspected of fraud and arrested for it. However, Lucas was never convicted of this charge.

With Carl Fowler, Lucas set up the mystic "Nostromos". Lucas' main job was to make sure all Nostromos' predictions came true, and also to create the special effect that Nostromos was floating in the air, to make him appear powerful to his followers. One of Lucas' main activities went as far as bombing a cruise ship, and attempting to kill Bruce Wayne.

After successfully sabotaging Wayne's elevator (but failing to kill him), Lucas fought Batman on top of the Wayne Enterprises building. Though he escaped, he was wounded by a batarang. Lucas made it back to the hideout, but Nostromos was far from happy. Luckily, the prediction did not say Bruce would die, only that something terrible would happen to him.

Batman fights Lucas.

Lucas found Lisa Clark spying at the mansion, and captured her. Nostromos then used her as leverage to fulfill the last steps of his plan. From behind the scenes, Batman interfered. Lucas fought him on the balconies above the great hall and into the orrery. There, Lucas was knocked unconscious. He was then taken to jail along with Fowler.


Batman: The Animated Series


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