Louie was an employee at Synthops.


Louie worked at the synthoid manufacturing company Synthops. His legitimate business was making androids, such as replicants of classic Batman villians to help Terry McGinnis in his training. However, he was also an amoral man who ran an illegitimate business, supplying gynoids to men for female companionship at high prices.

Louie encountered a Hamilton High School student named Howard Groote (who arrived at the Synthops factory with Terry McGinnis as the latter was filling a synthoid order for Bruce Wayne to replace a combat synthoid he broke earlier) as he was making final preparations for an illicit synthoid order to another customer. Louie then demanded to know whether Howard wanted a special order (clearly concerned with his possibly being caught). After Howard confirmed it and asked if Louie could make them, Louie admitted that the process was illegal, but he can "skin a coyote" and do so at the right price. After being paid with a credit card that was in the name of Howard's parents, Louie then made a synthoid made to Howard's specifications.

A day later, his business was exposed by Batman due to his encountering the synthoid (named "Cynthia") at school and witnessing her irregular behavior and abilities, but he still had some aces up his sleeve. He first set every available synthoid frame to attack Batman, and later tried to distract him with a synthoid copy of himself. Batman saw through it and apprehended Louie, advising he get a good lawyer.

Unaware that Louie had been remanded to the authorities by Batman, Howard later attempted to call Louie when Cynthia was acting violent around the other girls, but she stopped him.


Batman Beyond

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