"Lock-Up" is the ninth episode of the third season of Batman: The Animated Series. It originally aired on November 19, 1994.


The episode begins with Batman and Robin dragging the Scarecrow back to Arkaham Asylum. Scarecrow is begging Batman to let him go and informs him that he only broke out to get away from the new security guard. The new Guard comes in and thanks Batman, he states that Scarecrow is the only villain to escape under his watch. Batman then notices the guard abusing Scarecrow as he is dragged downstairs. The next morning Harley Quinn, the Ventriloquist and the Scarecrow (now out of costume) are putting up a case before the judge. All of them are terrified of the guard due to the fact that he is smiling wickedly. Although Harley Quinn and the Ventriloquist put up some small complaints, Scarecrow puts up nothing against the guard. However he bursts out in complaints when being led back to his cell, this then motivates Harley and the Ventriloquist to join in. The guard then argues that they are criminals and do not deserve to be treated like normal people. The judge then revokes the guard's license and he leaves in furious rage. The guard then later dawns a costume and then becomes the criminal known as Lock-Up. Lock-Up is then out punishing criminals in harsh ways, when he runs into Batman. After a tough and mighty battle, Batman manages to bring Lock-Up down and send him to Arkham. Upon arrival at Arkham, all the prisoners are laughing at the fallen guard. Above them all is the Scarecrow, who triumphantly smiles and states that Lock-Up will now learn new lessons of fear. Lock-Up is then put in a cell and thinks to himself that now he can constantly keep an eye on all the criminals.

Background Information

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Actor Role
Kevin Conroy Bruce Wayne / Batman
Loren Lester Dick Grayson / Robin
Efrem Zimbalist, Jr. Alfred
Bob Hastings Commissioner Gordon
Mari Devon Summer Gleeson
Lloyd Bochner Hamilton Hill
Richard Dysart Dr. Bartholomew
George Dzundza Ventriloquist & Scarface
Roddy McDowall Mad Hatter
Henry Polic II Scarecrow
Arleen Sorkin Harley Quinn
Bruce Weitz Lyle Bolton / Lock-Up

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