Lobo was a webseries appropriately starring Lobo.

The webseries had the same over the top violence and irreverence to social mores as the Lobo comics. The webseries took place in space, far away from Earth and any other superhero characters.

The Lobo webseries was available at That site has since been discontinued.



Also available at were the following features:

  • "Spread the Word," — a community area designed with Web cards, e-mail-a-friend functionality, chat and message boards.
  • "The Main Man Files" — a sort of Lobopedia, including translations of "Loboisms."
  • "Win Big -- Fan Boy Art Contest," — users would submit their artwork of an original character (artists from Warner Bros. Online and DC Comics will select the winner. The winning character would appear in a future episode of "Lobo."
  • "Lobo's Locker" — a download area including images, audio files, wallpaper and screen savers.
  • "Lobo's Game Sty" — a collection of Flash games.
  • "The Lobo Fan-Boy Special" — gave the viewer the chance to ask the main man any question you'd like.
  • "Jukebox of Pain" — an interactive module which allowed one to overlay three different musical base tracks with howls, screams, and curses culled from the webseries.


  1. Lobo Is a Four Letter Word
  2. Market Day
  3. Pit Stop
  4. It's Fraggin' Time Again
  5. Payback Time
  6. Bustin' out of Oblivion, Part 1
  7. Bustin' out of Oblivion, Part 2
  8. Bustin' out of Oblivion, Part 3
  9. Lobo for President
  10. Breakout!
  11. When Pigs Fly
  12. Arms & The Main Man
  13. Eat This!
  14. Repeating Offender


  • Throughout the entire webseries including Easter eggs, Lobo said the word "frag" 27 times.
  • This is the only DC Animated Universe cartoon to have an equivalent of an R rating due to the uncensored profanities not found in other works and gratuitous violence.
  • In the first five webisodes, Lobo's voice is very different compared to his other appearances.
  • The Lobo: Webseries was originally going to be a TV-Y7-FV show on Kids' WB but eventually became an R-rated web series.
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