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"The name's Lobo. That's L as in 'lacerate', O as in 'obliterate', B as in 'disembowel', and O as in, uh... well, I guess I can use 'obliterate' twice."[1]

Lobo was recognized and feared throughout the galaxy as a persistent master bounty hunter. He lived to ride his space-bike The Hog, along with drinking, fighting, and gambling. When Lobo was on the job, he didn't let anything get in his way. He considered his word to be sacred and unbreakable.


Meeting Superman[]

Lobo was responsible for killing every other member of his race. He wiped out all life on his entire home planet, Czarnia, later claiming it was his "high school science project" (he gave himself an 'A'), leaving him as the last of his kind. Since then, Lobo has been a mercenary throughout the galaxy, taking on any quarry so long as he got paid. He generally refers to himself as "The Main Man". Because of this, he's made a lot of enemies and extremely few, if any, allies.

Lobo gets assignment

Lobo gets his assignment to hunt down Superman.

Not long after Superman made himself known on Earth, Lobo was hired to bring in the universe's last Kryptonian so that the intergalactic Preserver could keep him in safety. Although Lobo was eventually defeated on Earth, Superman pursued the mercenary into space and fell into a trap. Before Lobo could collect, however, he was himself captured by the Preserver by virtue of also being the last of his species.

Together, he and Superman broke free while also dealing with some old enemies who had a vendetta against him. In the end, Superman took the animals off the ship to his new Fortress of Solitude, while Lobo was able to claim a bounty from Emperor Spooj.

Later on, he crashed in on Queen Maxima, who had been previously trying to make Superman her husband. Lobo declared that he was there to catch the criminal De'Cine, it seemed to arouse Maxima's interest, although nothing apparently ever came of it.

Justice League[]

Lobo wants in

Lobo seeks to join the Justice League.

When Superman was seemingly killed, Lobo gate crashed into the Watchtower and declared himself the new replacement League member. This action was hotly refuted by the other Leaguers and a fight ensued. After being subdued by the other superheroes, Lobo relented and said he'd join the league, as long as he was in charge. Before things could heat up again, the Leaguers received a report of increased violence in Metropolis due to Superman's absence. The Leaguers decided to let Lobo come along, partially due to the sheer number of thugs running around and partially out of a desire to keep an eye on him instead of leaving him alone in The Watchtower.

During the ensuing battle, Lobo reveled in rampant destruction and defeated Kalibak by piling cars on him until he said 'uncle'. The other Leaguers disapproved and forced him to relent. Once Superman showed up, Lobo was fired despite his enthusiasm that "the whole team was together again, all eight of us". Lobo angrily told them to never bother asking for his help, because he wouldn't give it, and rode away.

Powers and abilities[]

Lobo guns

Lobo carrying his guns.

Native of the planet Czarnia, it is assumed that Lobo possesses all the powers his people from his native planet once had. Although Lobo's strength is close to that of Superman's, he does not possess his invulnerability, having been wounded and even maimed on a number of occasions. But fortunately, his incredible ability to heal several times faster than a human being counteracts that misfortune. Lobo can almost hold his own in a battle against Superman (although every time they fight Superman beats him using his physical strength), and his punches can even send the Man of Steel flying. It's also of interest to note that Lobo apparently does not need to breathe air in order to survive. He has been known to travel through space on his bike, and even jumped on Superman's star cruiser. Lobo can summon his bike with a whistle. Lobo is an excellent hunter/tracker as well, likely earning his reputation as the galaxy's most feared bounty hunter who always honors his word.

Background information[]

Lobo early design

An early design of Lobo, with his gutting hook from the comics.

  • In DC Comics, Lobo was initially introduced in the 1980's as a straightforward villain, but failed to take off. In the 1990's, the character was revamped as a satirical bounty hunter which made him popular. His co-creator Keith Giffen stated Lobo was meant to be a parody of gritty anti-heroes such as Marvel Comics' the Punisher and Wolverine.
  • In the DCAU, Lobo was originally going to get his own animated series, which was in development by John P. McCann, Boyd Kirkland, and Steve E. Gordon. However, Warner Bros. canceled the show, and later on decided to do Lobo as a web series, reusing some elements from the cancelled animated series. McCann would initially write the episodes, but decided to Alan Smithee his way off the project when there ended up being too much interference from DC Comics.[2] Given the lack of DCAU creatives involved with the web series and lack of tie-ins with the greater DCAU, the web series is not officially considered to be part of the DCAU.[3]


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