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Loana-El was the wife of Kal-El in Superman's Black Mercy-induced dream.


Loana was an established Kryptonian reporter. After awakening from a good night sleep, she stated that she would be attending the opening of Argo City's museum of modern art. Though she was planning to sleep late that day, her husband, Kal-El, would not have it. At that moment, the city was stirred by an earth tremor, and Loana, taking advantage of the distraction, pinned down Kal-El ready to kiss him. The lovers were interrupted by the house computer, who reminded them about their son Van-El's appointment with Jor-El. As the house computer left, Loana pinned down Kal-El, finally kissing him.

At breakfast, Loana and Kal-El briefly discussed a surprise party (which Kal-El found out was for him and not for a friend of Van-El). Though initially reluctant, Loana changed Kal-El's mind about the party.

Tragically, as perfect as Loana was for Kal-El, she, along with the rest of Superman's dream-induced perfect life, faded when he was freed from the effects of the Black Mercy.

Background information

Loana is an amalgamation of Superman's love interests: Lois Lane (Superman's present-day girlfriend) and Lana Lang (the love interest of Clark Kent as a teenager when he lived in Smallville) re-imagined as a model woman of Krypton with Lois's voice.

Loana stands in for Lyla Ler-Rol, who was an actress and Kal-El's wife in the original story of Superman Annual #11.


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