DC Animated Universe

"Lane? Lois Lane? The one Superman always saves?!"
"'Fraid so.
— Terrorist
— Lois Lane[1]

The following list catalogs all the times Superman saved Lois Lane from danger in the DC Animated Universe.

Situation Episode
Superman saved her from being crushed by falling rubble inside a LexCorp building. "The Last Son of Krypton, Part II"
He saved her from being shot dead by John Corben's thugs. "The Last Son of Krypton, Part III"
Then he saved her from being killed by Corben in the Lexo-Suit.
He saved her from being shot dead by Toyman. "Fun and Games"
He extricated her from Toyman's Toy Factory before it blew up.
He saved her from Lex Luthor's T-Rex. "A Little Piece of Home"
He saved her from Lobo's advances. "The Main Man, Part I"
He saved her from Mala's wrath. "Blasts From the Past, Part I"
He saved her from falling debris dispensed by Mala. "Blasts From the Past, Part II"
He went to rescue her from Jax-Ur and Mala.
He lifted a boulder wedging her to the ground. "Identity Crisis"
Then he rescued her from Luthor's exploding laboratory.
He saved her from being crushed by a giant ornamental glass sword. "Target"
He caught her from a freefall.
He extricated her from an ascending elevator rigged with explosives.
He turned off the controls of Lytener's laser bars trap.
He came to her rescue when she was captured by Metallo. "Action Figures"
He caught a plummeting train with her inside, and then extricated her. "Solar Power"
Then, he rescued her (and Jimmy) from Luminus.
He saved her from a bomb that Intergang planted on her car. "Brave New Metropolis"[2]
He rescued her from the hijacked Air Force One. "World's Finest, Part I"
He extricated her from an exploding LexCorp laboratory. "World's Finest, Part II"
He destroyed a Wayne/Lex T-7 targeting Batman and her. "World's Finest, Part III"
He helped Dr. Fate in restoring her back to human. "The Hand of Fate"
He extricated her from a collapsing building. "Bizarro's World"
He took her out of Clark's apartment before a bomb detonated. "The Late Mr. Kent"
He caught her after she got thrown off the stairs by Kurt Bowman.
He caught her as she ascended out of control, strapped with an anti-gravity disc. "Little Girl Lost, Part I"
He saved her from Bizarro's pursuit. "Little Big Head Man"
He pushed her away before he was hit with a Kryptonite warhead missile. "Legacy, Part I"
He protected her from the military in the prison he was held captive "Legacy, Part II"

There also were a few occasion in which Lois was in danger and was saved by someone else other than Superman:

Situation Episode
Bizarro caught from a free fall. "Identity Crisis"
Alternate Superman caught before she would fall off from a giant statue. "Brave New Metropolis"
Batman saves her from Wayne/Lex T-7 inside of Daily Planet. "World's Finest, Part III"
Aquaman saved her from being executed by Luthor's scuba thugs, and later from being thrown overboard. "A Fish Story"


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