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"Why weren't you watching your back?"
"I was too busy watching my front! Am I supposed to have eyes everywhere?"
"Only if you want to live to a ripe old age."
"You don't make it sound too inviting.
Bruce talking to Terry.[1]

Those who try to sneak up on Batman often meet with the back of his fist.

Context Episode/Movie

Batman: The Animated Series

To one of Mr. Freeze's henchmen when Batman gets back his utility belt. "Heart of Ice"

Superman: The Animated Series

To Mercy Graves when Batman breaks into Lex Luthor's apartment. "World's Finest, Part II"

The New Batman Adventures

To Mugsy when he and Rhino were bothering the Ventriloquist. "Double Talk"
To one of Penguin's goons in the Iceberg Lounge. Batman: Mystery of the Batwoman

Batman Beyond

To J-Man with his cane at the end of the fight when he first meets Terry. "Rebirth, Part I"
Bruce does it to a Jokerz member when he sneaks up on Bruce after being refused a donation. "Ace in the Hole"


Context Episode/Movie
The Creeper trips Mo, side punches Cur, and does it to Batman himself while talking to Harley Quinn. The New Batman Adventures
"Beware the Creeper"
Terry does it to Ghoul. Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker
Cat Man takes out Dr. Blizzard and Music Master. Justice League
"Legends, Part II"
Metamorpho takes out Java when he's confronting Simon Stagg. Justice League
"Metamorphosis, Part II"
Terry takes out one of the guards when he's breaking into Amanda Waller's home. Justice League Unlimited

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