"Oh no, Wayne. No vanishing act this time."
Commissioner Gordon[1]

Being trained in the art of stealth, Batman was an expert in sneaking away from someone without being noticed. This was often unnerving to the people he did it to, because they would find themselves talking alone before they noticed Batman was long gone. This list catalogs the times and people from whom Batman sneaked away completely undetected.

Person(s) Context Episode Comment

Batman: The Animated Series

James Gordon After Bullock accuses him of arson. "Nothing to Fear"
Harvey Bullock Where the...
Mob boss After the Mob boss tips Batman about the train heist. "The Cat and the Claw, Part II"
Helen Ventrix After asking Helen Ventrix when she saw her daughter for the last time. "See No Evil" ...Batman?
James Gordon After encouraging Gordon to attend to his Testimonial. "Joker's Favor" I hate it when he does that.
After Gordon vouches for Bullock's innocence. "Vendetta"
Harvey Bullock After he remands Killer Croc to Bullock's custody.
James Gordon When Gordon is telling him that he didn't find anything in Mrs. Thomas' penthouse. "Eternal Youth"
After he tells Gordon there might be an attempt to steal Wayne Tech's new sonic drill. "Off Balance" One of these days, I'm gonna nail his feet to the ground.
As he takes off to investigate a clue on a new gang. "Read My Lips"
Harvey Bullock After Bullock hands him a floppy disk and Batman sets out to find out who is trying to kill Bullock. "A Bullet For Bullock"
After he saves Bullock on a rooftop. Show off.
After he debriefs Bullock in his loft. I wonder how Gordon puts up with this.
After Bullock handcuffs Vincent Starkey.
Summer Gleeson After visiting Summer Gleeson for clues on Baby-Doll. "Baby-Doll"
British Secret Services Council After ascertaining Alfred's whereabouts from the British Secret Services. "The Lion and the Unicorn"
James Gordon After Gordon takes the Riddler under custody. "Riddler's Reform"
Harvey Bullock After freeing Bullock from his restraints on the roof and telling him to put more security around Hamilton Hill. "Lock-Up"
Zatanna After Zatanna handcuffs a young Bruce Wayne's hand to the wall, then turns her back. "Zatanna" Now you see him, now you don't.
Dean Arbagast After he and Robin visit Dean Arbagast to track down Gregory Belson. Batman & Mr. Freeze: SubZero

Superman: The Animated Series

Superman After he tells him of Joker's supply of Kryptonite. "World's Finest, Part I"
Lois Lane After he apologizes to her for having to leave again. "World's Finest, Part III" Just be.... careful.
Lois Lane After she wonders about their relationship. "The Demon Reborn" I gotta get better locks.

The New Batman Adventures

James Gordon After Gordon orders food to go. "Holiday Knights" One of these years, I'm going to beat him to the check.
Cassidy After Cassidy tries to seduce Batman. "Torch Song" Creep.
Sonia Alcana After his rendezvous with Sonia in the subway. Batman: Mystery of the Batwoman
After handing Sonia exculpatory evidence to acquit Kevin. Huh, I think I'm going to miss that.

Justice League Unlimited

Amanda Waller After informing Amanda of Luthor's scheme. "Panic in the Sky"
Wade Eiling


Terry McGinnis, as Batman, also pulled his own vanishing acts.

Person(s) Context Episode Comment
Barbara Gordon As Barbara was telling him he should probably get going. Batman Beyond,
"A Touch of Curaré"
Like old times, all right.
Bruce Wayne As Bruce finishes talking with Barbara Gordon. Batman Beyond,
Simon Harper After Terry asks him about the break-in at the Hall of Records. Batman Beyond,
"Sentries of the Last Cosmos"
Tim Drake As Tim was ranting about how fed up he became with costumed crimefighting. Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker Some things never change.

Clearly inspired by Batman, Static also once pulled off a vanishing act.

Person(s) Context Episode Comment
Nails As Nails asked him why he had such faith in her. Static Shock,
"Hard as Nails"
Nails: Where'd he go?

Batman: The kid's got style.

Poison Ivy
Harley Quinn


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