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The DCAU contains several subtle innuendos, undertones and double entendres that can be construed as sexual in nature. The following list catalogs them by show.

Line Episode Note

Batman: The Animated Series

Harvey Bullock: Hey, sugar, you wanna read me my rights? "Joker's Favor" As Harley is disguised as a Police officer.
Maggie Page: You are feeling younger, aren’t you? "Eternal Youth" After Alfred plants a long kiss on Maggie's cheek.
Selina Kyle: Your mother called, darling, said you could use some cheering up. And who better for the job than the woman you're marrying next week. "Perchance to Dream" Then Selina takes off a glove and lets it fall onto Bruce's face.
Selina Kyle: Don't tell me you're my own personal, private probation officer. How often would you like me to check in? "Cat Scratch Fever"
Batman: You're hot.
Catwoman: Now you notice...
Batman was literally referring to her temperature.
Lucius Fox: So you'll try to squeeze some info from his assistant tonight.
Bruce: Well, squeeze may not be the best word.
"Heart of Steel, Part I"
Talia: I'm truly sorry, Batman. It could have been sweet. "Off Balance"
Harleen Quinzel: I believe I served you with a subpoena once... it was a small subpoena. "The Man Who Killed Batman"
Alfred: Perhaps she enjoys mud baths. "Mudslide" Alfred trying to make sense of Stella's liaison with Clayface.
Zatanna: What do you care about a leggy dame in nylons? Or have I answered my own question? "Zatanna"
Montague Kane: You are most engaging, my dear. Beautiful, impetuous. I could be persuaded to spare you... if properly implored.
Gil: At least you won't have to worry about Barbara. I'll take good care of her. She's very fond of me, you know. "Shadow of the Bat, Part II"
Dick: I just thought it would be fun to get together, and study, and talk, and...
Cindy: And?
(Dick shrugs and moves closer)
"House & Garden" Dick explaining he didn't invite Cindy over only to study calculus.
Candice: With Batman out of the way, Gotham could be yours. So could I. "Bane"
"BOING!" "Riddler's Reform" Sound effect heard when Riddler catches sight of an attractive woman at a party.
Woman: Oh, Mr. Riddler, can you tell me what these do? Referring to a two-way radio set concealed in two little balls.
Sleazy guy: Hey, kitten, howsabout spending one of your nine lives with me? "Batgirl Returns"
Arthur Reeves: You know, it's not good to go to bed with a full stomach. We could stay up. Talk for a while... Batman: Mask of the Phantasm He grabs Andrea's hand as he says this.
Joker: Grrrrrrrr. To Andrea, as she passes by him.
Joker: What do you say, hon, feeling the old electricity tonight?
(His window opens wide)
Joker: Ain't it always the way? You get in the mood and company shows up!
The first line is addressed to his robot housewife, while he pats her behind.
Bruce: I'll call you tomorrow, Ronnie. I promise.
Veronica: I've heard that one too.
Batman & Mr. Freeze: SubZero Bruce's line is a clichéd empty promise that men traditionally say to blow off women after sex. Veronica’s reply suggests they have been intimate before.

Superman: The Animated Series

Lara-El: Think we can get the baby to bed early? "The Last Son of Krypton, Part I"
Lois: Nice S... "The Last Son of Krypton, Part II" Lois says this while contemplating a picture of Superman, and by Clark's reaction, he obviously understood something else.
Joey: Wanna feel? "A Little Piece of Home" To Mercy Graves, referring to his biceps.
Corben: I've been thinking about you a lot. Especially the last few months in prison. "The Way of All Flesh"
Girl: It's so big, Mr. Luthor. The subsequent line clarifies that the girl was talking about his yacht.
Corben: Can't... can't... After enumerating all the things he can no longer do as a cyborg, he says this while looking at Luthor's date.
Lobo: Maybe I'll go back and... cheer her up. "The Main Man, Part I"
Lana Lang: Everything is real, boys. "My Girl" Answering to a reporter asking if her jewels were real.
Lois Lane: Can I quote you?
The Flash: You can do more than that, doll. How about an exclusive after the race?
"Speed Demons"
Leslie Willis: Just how exclusive are you two? [...] I guess we'll never know if his PJs have that big red S on them too. "Livewire" Questioning Lois about her relationship with Superman.
Security guard: I gotta couple of more hours, but my shift should be over by ten. Maybe we could get together. "Target" Blatant flirting while on duty.
Livewire: And then, when we're done, maybe I'll give you a little taste... of my power, I mean. "Double Dose"
Livewire: Hi, boys. Wanna make sparks fly?
Livewire: You can look, but don't touch.
Parasite: Don't be afraid, I know how to control my power.
Livewire: That's what they all say.
Livewire: Well, what do you know? The boy scout brought "protection". When Superman shows up to fight Livewire and the Parasite wearing a transparent full body latex body suit.
Parasite: You said no to me for the last time, baby. This line uttered while the Parasite drains Livewire after she had spurned him repeatedly can even be constructed as rape.
Lois: Hey, Lex. What went wrong? Premature product launch? "Ghost in the Machine" Referring to the failed attempt to deflect the missiles, but her second line sounds like a euphemism for "premature ejaculation".
Lois: Haven't you ever noticed the way she hovers around him all the time?
Binko: Making ha-ha with Harley Quinn. "World's Finest, Part I" Referring to the Joker's whereabouts
Reporter: We're going to your place or mine? "Prototype"
Old man: Just don't get any ideas! "Warrior Queen" Spoken to his wife while she observed Superman and Maxima fighting and then embracing.
Volcana: The whistle was touched by the President's lips.
Donnie: What wasn't?
"Where There's Smoke"
Volcana: I hope you'll think of me. Especially on those cold Metropolis nights...
Roxy Rocket: What-a-body! "Knight Time" A second later, Roxy blows Superman a kiss before aiming her distinctly phallic-shaped rocket ship directly at him.
Superman: We're not exactly friends.
Roxy Rocket: Aww... I'll be your friend.
Mala: You have performed well, Alterus. As you always do...
Jax-Ur: Business before pleasure, Mala.
"Absolute Power"
Lashina: This calls for a celebration. "Legacy, Part I"
Lashina: Welcome back, lover. Give us a kiss? (Puckers up) "Legacy, Part II"
Lashina: I'm not finished with you, boy toy.

The New Batman Adventures

Selina: It's getting colder. Perhaps I should turn on the heat... "You Scratch My Back" Fawning all over Nightwing.
Cassidy: I'll make it worth your while. "Torch Song" Trying to convince Batman to spend the night over.
Batgirl: And now that she's got a taste of you, she's not gonna settle for anything less. "The Ultimate Thrill" She's actually referring to the chase, but Batman's dirty look gives it a new undertone.
Roxy Rocket: I was the best he ever had. Though she was referring to the chase, this is a common phrase used to refer to sex.
Roxy Rocket: I like a man with staying power. The final chase scene includes many such innuendos.
Roxy Rocket: Oh, baby, you're the best! The whole final chase sequence seems orgasmic.
Catwoman: I'm certain I'll be getting a lot out of it.
Thomas Blake: You know, it's a two way street. And an hour is a long time...
"Cult of the Cat"
Miranda Kane: Dickie Grayson? You've grown.
Dick Grayson: So have you.
"Animal Act" Both characters look each other over as they say this.
Harley Quinn: Ah, come on, puddin'. Don't you wanna rev up your Harley? Vroom. Vroom. "Mad Love" Harley, while wearing a very suggestive nightie, suggests that Joker be intimate with her, which also acted as a play on words for a Harley Davidson motorcycle.
Harley Quinn: Oh sweetie? I've got the whoopie cushion. An image, drawn by Bruce Timm, exists which depicts the Joker using a whoopie cushion as a sex toy to stimulate Harley.
Harley Quinn: I know how to make some smiles, puddin'. Harley says this after hugging him in a suggestive manner while comforting him, promptly before he kicks her to Bud and Lou's room.
Harley Quinn: Ooh, fireworks make me all tingly inside. "Beware the Creeper"
Harley Quinn: Take the night off, let's play. Said (or rather sung) to the Joker on his seven-year anniversary.
Harley Quinn: Wanna try some of my pie? I'm sure you'll want seconds... Although Harley is literally emerging from a giant pie that she had made while saying this, her suggestive tone of voice and earlier request of "let's play" make it clear that the actual pie is not what she is referring to.
Barbara: [...] I'll be back in Gotham for two whole weeks. (sotto) Won't that be nice? Batman: Mystery of the Batwoman On the phone with Bruce.
Goon: So, you like to play rough, huh, sweetie?

Batman Beyond

Chelsea: You've never wrestled with him... "Rebirth, Part I" This line and Chelsea's certainty of Nelson's victory over Terry suggest that she had "wrestled" with him, and most likely not in the strictest sense.
Nelson: How about a ride?
Blade: You like that car more than me.
Nelson: Who's talking about cars?
Jack: Yeah, she earns hers the old-fashioned way. "Dead Man's Hand" Referring to the jewels worn by a high class woman.
Inque: You play this right, and I might give you a nice reward. "Disappearing Inque"
Inque: Maybe we'll think of something to keep us busy until then.
Aaron: You said there'd be a reward for me.
Inque: Here? Now?
Terry: His girlfriend?
(Barbara smirks)
Terry: Whoa.
"A Touch of Curaré" Terry trying to ascertain the nature of Bruce and Barbara's relationship.
Female fan: Donny, please sign my autograph! You can sign me anywhere you want! "Hooked Up" As the groupie is saying this, she lifts her shirt up to just below the breasts.
Bruce Wayne: Terry, is there something you need to tell me? "Eggbaby" This is after Bruce Wayne first hears the simulated baby egg making crying noises. His question implies suspicion that Terry had managed to become a father out of wedlock.
Sam Young: Right now, I just can't relax knowing that Cuvier and his guinea pigs are out there doing God-knows-what.
Barbara: (smirking) I bet I could relax you.
Dana: We'll make it up. (kisses Terry) Somehow. "Hidden Agenda"
Dana: I'll be wearing that dress you like.
Terry: Whoa.
Blade: Where are you two going? Private party? "Terry's Friend Dates a Robot" Blade says this as Howard Groote and Cynthia are headed to the bedroom.
Howard: (behind a door): Wait, Cynthia! What're you... Cynthia!
Blade: Go, Howard.
Blade says this as Cynthia is about to attack Howard in a fit of envy as her programming was programmed too well. Because the door was closed behind him, Blade implied that Cynthia was "playing rough" with Howard and had support for him getting a girl.
Ian Peek: Who is boxing trainer Jack Turley coaching after hours? Would you believe the champ's girlfriend? "Sneak Peek" Peek is implying that Jack Turley was sleeping with the boxing champion's girlfriend.
Ian Peak: Now watch this!
Matt: What're they doing?
Terry: This isn't for you.
The scene is of Paxton Powers at a pool party, with the implication that the party was about to get "hot."

Static Shock

Hotstreak: You know, Frieda, you've always been real cold to me. How about we change all that? "Aftershock"
Doctor Harris: Virgil, these changes you're taking about, do they involve... another person?
Virgil: Lots of 'em!
Virgil was actually referring to the Big Bang.
Static: I see London, I see France! "Bent Out of Shape" When he is looking up at Puff through a hole; even though the line is usually slang for someone caught in their underwear, the scene, shown from his viewpoint, displays her derrière prominently.
Woman: Whooho! Look atchu! Someone's drinkin' them milk. "Static Shaq"

The Zeta Project

Bucky: Squirrel Girl. Yowza! "On the Wire" After Ro was holomorphed as super hero Squirrel Girl.

Justice League

Deadshot: If you make it worth my while... "The Enemy Below, Part I"
Flash: Fastest man alive...
Hawkgirl: Which might explain why you can't get a date.

Flash: Yeah... hey!

"Injustice For All, Part I" Yet another jab at premature ejaculation.
Hades: And not a day has passed that I haven't longed to feel the sweet touch of living flesh again. "Paradise Lost, Part II"
Hades: I wonder if she's as loving as her mother.
Hades: You will be mine, and mine alone.
Flash: After she hands out the medals, how about you and me taking a private tour to Paradise?
Hawkgirl: Don't knock it till you've tried it, Princess. "Fury, Part II" Hawkgirl's retort to Wonder Woman's disdain towards men.
Wonder Woman: I'd love to see your stone, Mr. Hickman. "A Knight of Shadows, Part II" Trying to gain access to Hickman's vault.
Harv Hickman: Grrrrrr. To Wonder Woman, as he lies provocatively on the bed.
Stewardess: More champagne, Mr. Mason?
Rex Mason: Only if you'll join me.
Stewardess: Maybe when I'm off duty. (walks away)
Rex Mason: Now that's service.
"Metamorphosis, Part I"
Hawkgirl: Whose hand is that?
Flash: Sorry.
"The Savage Time, Part I" After the League members are thrown into a pile together.
Lex Luthor: People can be very predictable with their wants and needs. "Tabula Rasa, Part II"
Lex Luthor: Face it, Mercy, you missed me. You missed the excitement, the sense of transgression... Not to mention certain other things...
Volcana: That's your flame thrower?
Firefly: Wait till you see how I use it.
"Only A Dream, Part I" Volcana's subsequent commiseration also suggests a nod to impotency.
Audrey: Big smile!
Photographer: ...Can I have your autograph?
Audrey: You just got it, darling.
"Maid of Honor, Part I" Said as and after Audrey pinches him somewhere unseen as their picture is taken.
Vandal Savage: I've never met a woman who can do the things for me that she can.
Wonder Woman: I don't wanna hear this.
Savage then explains that he's actually referring to her making him a member of the Royal Family.
Audrey: I'm a world-class party girl. I intend to go out with a bang. Several, if it can be arranged. Princess Audrey telling Wonder Woman her plans for the night.
Chambermaid: Are you certain that the wine is all that you require this evening, Your Highness?
John Stewart: Why do you need a van... wait, I don't wanna know. "Eclipsed, Part I" Also, Flash reveals that his customized van has a "vibrate" setting, like the "Magic Fingers" installed in some hotel beds.
Wonder Woman: And what's wrong with the way I dress?!
Flash: Uh... you wanna take that?
Said in response to Glorious Godfrey's statement about the way Wonder Woman dressing, in saying that he's "seen showgirls with more modesty" than her.
Hawkgirl: They must have been close.
Kilowog: Very close.
"Hearts and Minds, Part I" Discussing John and Katma Tui's relationship.
Katma Tui: [...] or you can live with your emerald impudence.
Flash: (walking by) Impotence?
John Stewart: Guess it will really be like old times.
Katma Tui: Don't presume too much, John Stewart.
Katma Tui: He's given up on himself.
Hawkgirl: He's not the only one. But I guess that's what happens when a toy loses its luster.
Hawkgirl: So do you sleep better now?
John Stewart: You know I do.
"A Better World, Part I"
Giganta: The name's Giganta.
Shade: Appropriate.
Giganta: It's not a problem for you, is it?
Shade: Quite the opposite.
"Secret Society, Part I" Discussing Giganta's height.
Shade: This just gets better and better. After Giganta grows to a large size.
Wonder Woman: You're no Superman.
Lobo: The ladies say different.
"Hereafter, Part I"
Hawkgirl: Aha, that's it. Right there.
John Stewart: No it's not.
Hawkgirl: I think I would know.
"Wild Cards, Part I" Only when we cut to them, do we find out that they are actually tapping into bank records.
Joker: The Royal Flush Gang! Jack, Ten, King, and... uhhh... Queen! Joker introduces the gang as the camera pans across each of them, but his embarrassed pause comes when the camera shifts down and sneaks a peek at Queen's exposed legs, before shifting up to her face.
Old Lady: Well, it's about time! "Wild Cards, Part II" As her slot machine hits the Jackpot, just after the last scene fades out on John and Shayera kissing passionately.
John Stewart: Anything I took was freely offered. Maybe you should take better care of your "stuff". "Starcrossed, Part III" While John is trying to demoralize Hro Talak, his choice of words to refer to Shayera carry a tone of sexual objectification.

Justice League Unlimited

Green Arrow: I've had some dreams that felt mighty real. There was this one the other night... "Fearful Symmetry" He murmured the second line while contemplating Black Canary.
Lasser: Good old fashioned legwork, Jerry. Describing his source. While "legwork" is a common phrase for doing a lot of research, in this case, his source was Galatea, noted for her amiable legs (among other things).
Lasser: More like tossing and turning. Referring to Galatea's restless sleep. The statement is quite innocent, but it implies sexual intimacy.
B'wana Beast: B'wana Beast. How you doing?
(His eyes move down to Zatanna's legs.)
Zatanna: My legs are fine, as is the rest of me. Up here!
B'wana Beast: Whoa. She's got the fire of the cheetah in her. Grrrraaooo.
"This Little Piggy"
Batman: Mine are bigger than yours. "Ultimatum" Referring to muscle power, naturally.
Wonder Woman: I need both hands, Professor Palmer. "Dark Heart" Tucking a miniaturized Atom down the front of her armor.
Bushwhacker: That fat golden chain will do just fine. Unless you got something else you wanna give me. "The Once and Future Thing
Part One: Weird Western Tales
Black Canary: You're happy punching the bag, or you wanna go a few rounds with me? [...] I am talking about sparring.
Green Arrow: That'd be nice, too.
"The Cat and the Canary"
Deadshot: I've seen the pictures.
Plastique: And that's all you're gonna see, killer.
"Task Force X"
Deadshot: Do I just watch, or do I get to join in? Referring to the mission of infiltrating the Watchtower.
Flash: I had dinner with two women at the same time. 'Coz I'm a stud... "The Balance" He was actually trying to help Hawkgirl and Wonder Woman to make amends with each other, to no avail.
Wonder Woman: "For a good time, call Podênemos"...? Reading off one of Hermes' private scrolls by mistake.
Mandragora: Speaking of squealing, Black Canary, I noticed you can't take your eyes off of me. One can hardly blame you. Perhaps after Agent Faraday helps absolve me of my alleged crimes, I can put you in a cage and have you sing for me. "Double Date"
Question: Where are we going?
Huntress: Don't ask so many questions.
After kissing the Question and as she tows him by his tie.
John Stewart: Do you know what I can do to you with this ring?
Vixen: Promises, promises.
"Hunter's Moon"
Shayera: I have seen his underwear drawer.
Lois Lane: I'd like an interview... one on one... "Question Authority"
Lois Lane: So, what's for dessert...
Huntress: Which leaves the rest of our evening tantalizingly free...
Amanda Waller: Bruce's DNA was easy enough to obtain. He left it all over town.
(Terry raises an eyebrow)
Amanda Waller: Not remotely what I meant.
"Epilogue" Referring to blood samples.
Shayera: You'd probably be wasting your time anyway. I hear she's, you know... Brazilian. "I Am Legion" During Shayera's pause, Flash looked at Fire congregating with Ice (both characters are indeed close friends in comics canon), suggesting Shayera was implying Fire was a lesbian.
Carter Hall: I miss the dress.
Shayera: You didn't miss it last night.
"Shadow of the Hawk"
Linda Park: When we come back, I'll try to get with him... get to him... for an interview... Are we off? Geez. He's a total babe. Like the entire track team at once. "Flash and Substance"
Tala: Giganta is not nearly enough woman for Grodd. "Dead Reckoning"
Tala: Rest in here, darling.
Flash-in-Lex: (off-screen) Hey, that's not restful.
"The Great Brain Robbery"
Tala: Baby, you are so... different. So attentive. So caring. So... enthusiastic!
Grodd: Ah, Tala, my old groupie. I so miss bending you to my will.
Tala: Go eat a banana.
(On the phone)
Huntress: So, what are you wearing?
Question: Blue overcoat, fedora...
Huntress: You really stink at this.
Question: Orange socks.
"Grudge Match" A failed attempt at phone sex.
Brainiac 5: That was unnecessary. My belt protects me from any impact.
Supergirl: Maybe I was just trying to cop a feel.
"Far From Home" Referring to Supergirl grabbing him in midair.

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