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The following is a list of people who know Static's secret identity as Virgil Hawkins.

Person/Entity First Learned/Established in Notes
Richie Foley/Gear Static Shock, "Shock to the System" In the flashback of Static's career as chronicled in "Shock to the System".
Edvin Alva Jr./Omnifarious Static Shock, "Junior" He used the X-ray vision to see through Static's mask and threatened to expose his secret identity if he tries to stop him.
Sharon Hawkins Static Shock, "Brother-Sister Act" She grows suspicious after finding a Shock Vox in Virgil's room and hears Richie's voice saying "Static". She invited Virgil to a basketball game and reveals to him that she knows that he's Static. Mirage fools her into thinking she was wrong by projecting a "Static" illusion flying over the police.
Shaquille O'Neal Static Shock, "Static Shaq" Virgil and Shaq were inside in the basketball stadium and Hyde saying out loud Static, but Virgil thought of a lie to trick him into thinking he's actually not static.
Madelyn Spaulding Static Shock, "Attack of the Living Brain Puppets" She caught Richie spying on her and enters in his mind to learn about his friendship with Virgil and found Static unmasked as Virgil.

She enters into Virgil's nightmare and reveals to him that she knows he's Static. She threatens to reveal his secret identity if he tries to stop her. She had forgotten his identity after her defeat.

Bruce Wayne/Batman Static Shock, "Hard as Nails" After taking Static to the Batcave for medical attention, Virgil's ID card fell out of his pocket. Batman recommended Static not to carry it while in superhero uniform.
Ebon Static Shock, "Gear" He noticed Richie is always around Static so he had Talon spy on Richie and discovered Virgil as a possible suspect. Richie, as Gear, enters an abandoned juvie hall, he uses Back-Pack to hack the cameras and play a rerun loop of Virgil in the cell, giving him the chance to get change into his Static outfit while the camera feed played to trick Ebon into believing he had the wrong suspect.
Shenice Vale/She-Bang Static Shock, "Shebang" She followed Virgil and Richie to the Abandoned Gas Station of Solitude and hides in it. Then spies on them taking their masks off.
Jean Hawkins Static Shock, "Flashback" Static saved her from a fire in a building which is about to collapse and took her to a rooftop and revealed to her that he's her son, Virgil.
Morris Grant/Soul Power Static Shock, "Blast From the Past" Deduces it as soon he meets Virgil, using his own electric powers to feel Virgil's electric field. He then stops Virgil from leaving the retirement home to tell him he already knows Virgil is Static.
Terry McGinnis/Batman Static Shock, "Future Shock" Was present in the Batcave when the elderly Bruce Wayne called Static by his real name.
Karl Malone/Pulverizer Static Shock, "Hoop Squad" Virgil gets a call from his dad, Robert Hawkins, then hands over his phone to Karl Malone and covers for him.
Eddie Felson/SpeedWarp Static Shock, "Now You See Him..." When stoping everything, except Static, he takes of the helmet of Gear and sees the face of Richie Foley and realizes that Static is Virgil. He threatens to expose their secret identities if they tried to stop him.
Omnara Static Shock, "Kidnapped" Found out his secret identity with a computer system and a drone.
Robert Hawkins Deduces it after being kidnapped, coming to the conclusion that the only reason someone would kidnap him to be used as leverage against Static would be if Static was his own son. He might have known it the whole time in the back of his mind.
John Stewart/Green Lantern Justice League Unlimited, "The Once and Future Thing Part Two: Time, Warped" Learnt of it sometime during or after "Fallen Hero".

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