DC Animated Universe

The following are lists of expletives almost uttered in the DCAU. The BS&P disallows such words from being used on TV-Y7-FV rated shows, so they were usually cut off, replaced with puns, euphemisms, or uttered through subterfuges.


Line Episode Context
Robin: You bet your—I mean, yes sir. Batman: The Animated Series,
"What Is Reality?"
Assuring Gordon that he figured out how to work the Riddler's giant computer.
Bruce: Thanks for the handkerchief, Arthur. You know where you can stick it. Batman: Mask of the Phantasm While he tucks it in Arthur's jacket pocket.
Lois Lane: Nice S... Superman: The Animated Series,
"The Last Son of Krypton, Part II"
Admiring Superman's costume, a pun on "nice ass".
Lobo: I'm gonna bust out, and kick that big red "S" of yours all over the galaxy! Superman: The Animated Series,
"The Main Man"
Another ass/S pun, kept in context because both the trunks in Superman's uniform and the letter on the S-shield are red.
Lois Lane: It sounds like your assets are getting kicked. Superman: The Animated Series,
"A Fish Story"
Responding to the sounds of Luthor's men being beat by Aquaman and Superman.
The Flash: I got more than enough heat to burn your sorry-- Superman: The Animated Series,
"Speed Demons"
Responding to Superman's suggestion he should save his energy for the race.
Lex Luthor: "Favorite son", my-- Superman: The Animated Series,
"World's Finest, Part I"
Reading the news about Superman. Luthor doesn't say it, but the word is muffled by the slamming of the newspaper on the table.
Sharon Hawkins: Virgil Ovid Hawkins, get you ashy butt out there right this minute. Static Shock,
"They're Playing My Song"
The first syllable of "ashy" is stressed.
Superman: I don't know about the rest of you, but I'm ready to kick some serious-- Justice League,
"A Better World, Part I"
After being released from the Justice Lords prison.
John Stewart: You can kiss my axe. Justice League,
"Starcrossed, Part III"
A pun on a common turn of phrase, here literally referring to his axe construct.
Captain Atom: [...] I'm gonna be too busy to cover your sorry-- Justice League Unlimited,
Referring to their mission to neutralize Brimstone.
Loana: I couldn't get you off this farm if I exploded a quantum bomb under your-- Justice League Unlimited,
"For the Man Who Has Everything"
Cut off by a tremor.
Hoodlum: How about you kiss my-- Justice League Unlimited,
"Hawk and Dove"
During the bar scuffle.
Vixen: Like now it's like an elephant is sitting on your-- Justice League Unlimited,
"Hunter's Moon"
Pinning down the Thanagarian aggressors, while mimicking the traits of an elephant.
Captain Cold: The way people tell it you'd think the Flash shoved my cold gun-- Justice League Unlimited,
"Flash and Substance"
Complaining about the retelling of one of his skirmishes with Flash.
Captain Boomerang: You just pull another mirror out of your blinkin' arsenal. With Captain Boomerang's Australian accent, "arsenal" sounds misleading, especially since "arse" is the British and Australian slang equivalent to "ass"; so, "arsenal" would sound like "arse now".


Line Episode Context
Pa Kent: Never could get the darn thing open... Superman: The Animated Series,
"The Last Son of Krypton, Part II"
Referring to the box that was stored in the rocket that brought Kal-El to Earth.
Kara: Oh, darn, here's the bus. Superman: The Animated Series,
Finding an excuse to sneak away from Owen.
Amanda Waller: I'll be dipped. Justice League Unlimited,
"Divided We Fall"
After seeing Brainiac heal himself after being shot by Waller.
Vigilante: Get this dang area clear of civilians. Justice League Unlimited,
"Patriot Act"
Instructing kids.


Line Episode Context
Sheldrake: The flipping thing electrocuted me. Batman: The Animated Series,
"The Mechanic"
While trying to rig the Batmobile.
Thug: Why do we gotta do this stuff in the middle of the fricking night? Batman: The Animated Series,
"Shadow of the Bat, Part I"
Referring to loading contraband merchandise for Rupert Thorne.
Lobo: I'm giving you geeks 10 seconds before I frag everything in sight. Superman: The Animated Series,
"The Main Man"
Frag and respective variations are used as swear words and a substitutes for "destroy," "damage," or "fuck up." More so than an expletive, the comics counterpart of Lobo is indeed known to use the word "frag" frequently. The fifth line also contains the word "friggin'", another common substitute for "fucking".
Lobo: Holy fragarolli.
Lobo: And I'm the night manager at the Hotel d'Frag.
Lobo: Fragging gizzards.
Lobo: Kill, maim, frag, destroy.
Lobo: Okay, frag-face, let's tango.
Lobo: You ugly, two-timing... big fragger. You...
Lobo: You hear me, you rag-fragging geek-wad?
Lobo: Fragger.
Lobo: Oh, whoopdie-fragging-do.
Batman: Oh, I'm fragged! Batman Beyond,
When he is confronted by the police.
Batgirl: Yeah, you're mother of the stinkin' year. Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker To Harley, about her "son", Joker Junior. The original screenplay said "freakin' year".
Deadman: What's the point of being a flippin' ghost if you can't even sneak up on people? Justice League Unlimited,
"Dead Reckoning"
His response to The Master detecting his presence.
Superman: Oh, come on, it's Lex-flippin'-Luthor! Justice League Unlimited,
Objecting to trusting Luthor and the Legion of Doom in helping the Justice League to combat Darkseid's invasion of Earth.


Line Episode Context
Bruce: What the devil? Batman: The Animated Series,
"See No Evil"
When the watch he was holding escapes form his grip.
Hamilton Hill: What the devil? Batman: The Animated Series,
"The Clock King"
Upon seeing the mayhem at downtown created by an unseen instigator.
Gordon: What the devil? Batman: The Animated Series,
"Heart of Steel, Part I"
Upon seeing his duplicant.
Batman: The devil it isn't! Batman: The Animated Series,
"Terror in the Sky"
Refuting Langstrom's claim that he's not the Man-Bat again.
Earl Cooper: The alignment, the whole suspension – all was shot to heck. Batman: The Animated Series,
"The Mechanic"
Talking about the Batmobile. Heck is a common euphemistic for hell.
Harley Quinn: The heck with it. Batman: The Animated Series,
"Harley and Ivy"
After Poison Ivy sets off the alarm of the museum Harley was robbing.
Gordon: A heck of a lot better than it felt being behind bars. Batman: The Animated Series,
"Shadow of the Bat, Part II"
When asked how he feels to be free.
Robin: What the heck is she up to? Batman: The Animated Series,
"Batgirl Returns"
After finding out that Batgirl is on the run with Catwoman.
Bruce: What the heck am I doing, Alfred? Batman: Mask of the Phantasm When he agrees to meet Andrea's father.
James Gordon: What the heck's going on? The New Batman Adventures,
After the attack of killer chickens and giant cattle.
Joker: Harley? Where the heck have you been? The New Batman Adventures,
"Mad Love"
On the phone.
Selina Kyle: The heck with it. The New Batman Adventures,
"Cult of the Cat"
As she ponders choosing between beluga and sevruga caviar.
J. Carroll Corcoran: You've done a heck of a job. The New Batman Adventures,
"Judgment Day"
While questioning Arkham's policies.
Lex Luthor: What the devil? Superman: The Animated Series,
"The Main Man, Part I"
When Lobo crashes through LexCorp.
Parasite: Edna? Where the heck did I get Edna? Superman: The Animated Series,
"Feeding Time"
After absorbing Gina's memories.
Perry White: And where the heck is Kent? When Superman/Clark was sequestered by the Parasite.
Maggie Sawyer: Where the devil is he? Superman: The Animated Series,
"Tools of the Trade"
When Dan had gone to investigate Intergang on his own.
Burglar: What the heck? Superman: The Animated Series,
"Blasts From the Past, Part I"
Upon seeing Mala.
Captain: What the heck is he doing? Superman: The Animated Series,
"Identity Crisis"
Referring to Bizarro closing the bridge.
Lois Lane: Heck, why not? You'd love to see Superman dead. Superman: The Animated Series,
"Solar Power"
After Luthor assures her that he did not hijack his own satellites to exact revenge on Superman.
Bruce Wayne: What the devil is he up to now? Superman: The Animated Series,
"World's Finest, Part I"
Seeing a blimp with a message from the Joker.
Joker: Which red--? Oh, the heck with it. Superman: The Animated Series,
"World's Finest, Part III"
Aboard the Lexwing, after Luthor tells him that the button for the air-to-air missiles is "a red switch".
Pa Kent: Heck. That could save you five or six whole steps. Superman: The Animated Series,
"Father's Day"
After Lois explains to him how e-mailing works.
Trouble: Let's get the heck out of here. Superman: The Animated Series,
"Little Girl Lost, Part I"
After a failed robbery.
General Hardcastle: What in blazes? Superman: The Animated Series,
"Legacy, Part II"
As Lois Lane breaks into Superman's holding cell and knocks out Lex Luthor.
Batman: What the heck was that?! Batman Beyond,
"Black Out"
After his first encounter with Inque.
Dana Tan: How the heck did they do that? Batman Beyond,
Seeing all the trophies glued to the ceiling.
Terry: What the heck happened? Batman Beyond,
"Terry's Friend Dates a Robot"
Seeing the destruction caused by Cynthia.
Joker: Oh, what the heck, I'll laugh anyway! Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker Mocking Batman about his childhood trauma.
Bullock: What the heck did Robin do to his hair? Static Shock,
"Hard as Nails"
Bullock is unfamiliar with Static.
Guard: How the... The Zeta Project, "Absolute Zero" After Zeta escapes a research facility by shooting his extendable arm across the street.
Ro: Heck. It makes you more human. The Zeta Project, "Wired, Part II" After Zeta finds he has good and evil inside him.
Flash: A snowball's chance in-- Justice League,
"Legends, Part I"
At Dr. Blizzard, cut off by Black Siren.
Wonder Woman: Why don't you go straight to-- Justice League,
"A Knight of Shadows, Part II"
To Etrigan after they ignored his warnings about J'onn J'onzz being tempted by Morgaine Le Fay.
Superman: Go to-- Justice League,
"Twilight, Part II"
In response to Brainiac's offer to join him.
Sgt. Rock: What in blazes? Justice League,
"The Savage Time, Part III"
As Bulldozer sinks through the artificial hill's top.
Wonder Woman: Like Hades it is. Justice League,
"Maid of Honor, Part II"
Disagreeing with Audrey and Vandal Savage's wedding.
Audrey: Heck of a time to accessorize. After Wonder Woman asks to borrow her earrings.
Wonder Woman: Go to-- Justice League Unlimited,
"For the Man Who Has Everything"
Aiming a weapon at Mongul.
Copperhead: It's Judgement Day, and we got sent to the bad place! Justice League Unlimited,
"Kid Stuff"
His reaction to being banished to another dimension, along with all other adults on Earth.
Galatea: [...] a heck of a lot smarter. Justice League Unlimited,
"Fearful Symmetry"
Describing her superiority over Supergirl.
Lex Luthor: What the devil? Justice League Unlimited,
"The Return"
Surprised reaction to Steel and Supergirl flying at him.
John Stewart: What the devil's going on here? Questioning Dr. Fate as he and the Green Lantern Corps have discovered that Amazo, Luthor and The Atom have apparently vanished.
Zatanna: Faust sits on the throne of hell.Sound Justice League Unlimited,
"The Balance"
Spoken as a delirious backwards ramble.
Wonder Woman: He's telling me to go to-- In response to Hermes' order that she travel to Tartarus.
Bruce Wayne: Where the devil have you been? Justice League Unlimited,
Questioning Terry McGinnis' whereabouts.
Stargirl: So, where the heck are we? Justice League Unlimited,
"Chaos at the Earth's Core"
Finding herself stranded in Skartaris.
Green Lantern: How the heck did you get-- Finding Silver Banshee in Skartaris.
Captain Cold: Visualize? What the heck does that mean? Justice League Unlimited,
"Flash and Substance"
Responding to the Trickster's ramblings.
Trickster: The heck with all of them, I'm an artist. Rethinking his alliance with the other Rogues.


Line Episode Context
Harvey Bullock: Where the-- Batman: The Animated Series,
"Nothing to Fear"
After Batman disappears right next from him.
Batman: What the-- Batman: The Animated Series,
"Eternal Youth"
When Batman arrives at the Batcave to find a display of plants.
Batman: What the-- Batman: The Animated Series,
"Perchance to Dream"
As Mad Hatter's dream inducer closes in on Batman by surprise.
Night Manager: What the-- Batman: The Animated Series,
"Night of the Ninja"
When his office is filled with gas.
Hamner: What the-- Batman: The Animated Series,
"Moon of the Wolf"
When he sees a werewolf.
Thug: What the-- Batman: The Animated Series,
"Shadow of the Bat, Part I"
While driving and he gets blindsided by a banner.
Selina Kyle: Hey, what the-- Batman: The Animated Series,
When she's rushed into Scarface's limo by Rhino.
Summer Gleeson: What the-- Batman: The Animated Series,
When she gets locked up inside her car.
Buzz Bronski: What the-- Batman: Mask of the Phantasm When he hurls a spear at the Phantasm and it goes through him.
Security Guard: What the-- Superman: The Animated Series,
"Double Dose"
As Livewire waltzes out of Stryker's Island.
Security Guard: What the-- Superman: The Animated Series,
"Solar Power"
As Lytener escapes from prison in an invisible helicopter.


Line Episode Context
Killer Croc: You're guano, Bat. Batman: The Animated Series,
Referring to Batman. Guano is the name given to the excrement of bats.
Joker: You know, I've been reading lately how old guano man has wound tight enough to snap. Batman: Mask of the Phantasm
Thug: It's full of something, alright, and so are you. Batman: The Animated Series,
"His Silicon Soul"
Referring to the Cybertron warehouse which is apparently full of junk instead of weaponry as expected.
Mr. Mxyzptlk: Aw, shoot my monkey. Superman: The Animated Series,
Said upon noticing that Superman tricked him into skywriting his name backwards twice. Mxyzptlk holds the "sh" sound in the word "shoot", emphasizing the expletive.
Trapper: It's about to hit the fan. Static Shock,
"Trouble Squared"
After contemplating the property damage of Alva's lab, following a skirmish with Static.
Bodyguard: Poop. Justice League,
"Maid of Honor, Part I"
Translated from the Kaznian language upon being eluded by Princess Audrey.
Kalibak: Ah- Justice League,
Hereafter, Part I"
Before getting punched by Superman.
Joker: ... I've learned from hard experience that it always pays to keep an eye on Bat-Guano. Justice League,
"Wild Cards"
As the cameras for Joker's reality show turn on Batman and Harley Quinn.
Loana: Brainiac, could you clean up that-- Justice League Unlimited,
"For the Man Who Has Everything"
Asking Brainiac to clean up Krypto's poop.
Giganta: Oh, poop. Justice League Unlimited,
Upon realizing that Long Shadow also could grow into a giant - and taller than her.
Shayera: I wouldn't be surprised if you never have to-- Justice League Unlimited,
"The Balance"
After pointing out that Wonder Woman doesn't feel cold and doesn't sweat, Shayera is cut off before she finishes saying what seems to be another bodily function.
Vigilante: Like horse hockey! Justice League Unlimited,
"Hunter's Moon"
Vigilante's archaic way of saying "bullshit" to Shayera's willingness to surrender herself. His following line ("pardon my French") reinforces this.
Grodd: I'm not some monkey in a zoo throwing-- Justice League Unlimited,
Trying to assert his dignity.


Line Episode Context
Bruce Wayne: ...Son of a gun! Batman: The Animated Series,
"The Forgotten"
Reacting in amazement to seeing Alfred piloting the Batwing to his rescue.
Lobo: DIRTY FRIGGIN' BACK-FRAGGIN' SON-OF-A...! Superman: The Animated Series,
"The Main Man, Part I"
After a punch from Superman sends him flying into the air.
Lobo: Back off, you blasted robo b----!! Superman: The Animated Series,
"The Main Man, Part II"
Lobo realizes he and Superman are captured by the Prisonerer and is trying to punch his way free when he is hit with knockout gas by robots. Alternatively, the censored word could be "bastich", a curse coined by Lobo in the comics.
Hawkgirl: It's not just the men, you stuck-up-- Justice League,
"Secret Society, Part I"
During a heated argument amongst the Justice League in which Wonder Woman was quick to blame the male members.
Big Barda: Why you green skinned beetle-browed arrogant son of a-- Justice League Unlimited,
"The Ties That Bind"
Upon J'onn's refusal to help Barda and Mister Miracle rescuing Oberon.


Line Episode Context
Eiling: You've got some onions, Amanda. Justice League Unlimited,
"Patriot Act"
Referring to her fearless attitude towards Congress.


Line Episode Context
Joker: Ah, brave new world, that has such putzes in it. Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker Referring to Bonk's foolishness in challenging him. In the edited version, "putzes" was changed to "yutzes".
Joker: What about it, kid? Any last words for the old Bat-fart? About to vaporize Wayne Manor. In the edited version, the phrase was changed to "Bat-kook".


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