People die, though not as much in children's cartoons. For a long time, BS&P did not allow for depicting death on-screen (though they were less strict with corpses). A lot of people faced ambiguous deaths, trapped in a fiery blaze or explosion, or falling of a cliff. This list those who are confirmed deceased on-screen, are mentioned as deceased, or have an ambiguous death.

Episode/Movie Character Cause of Death

Batman: The Animated Series

Pre-series Thomas & Martha Wayne Shot by Joe Chill.
"The Forgotten Several of Boss Biggis's henchmen. Killed in mine explosion
"Robin's Reckoning" John & Mary Grayson Killed in an arranged trapeze accident.
"The Mechanic" Arnold Rundle Penguin sent Rundle on a boat ride through the sewers, that eventually ended in a giant whirlpool.
"Off Balance" Vertigo Falls to his death.
"Day of the Samurai" Kyodai Ken Refuses rescue from the eruption of Mount Kijiki.
Batman: Mask of the Phantasm Chuckie Sol Killed by the Phantasm.
Buzz Bronski Killed by the Phantasm.
Carl Beaumont Killed by the mob chauffeur that would become the Joker.
Salvatore Valestra Killed by the Joker with his toxin.
"Avatar" Thoth Khepera Buried by the cave-in.
"Deep Freeze" Grant Walker Trapped in ice as Oceania explodes around him.
Batman & Mr. Freeze: SubZero Submarine crew Frozen by Mr. Freeze.
Gregory Belson Killed as the oil rig collapses on top of him.

Superman: The Animated Series

"The Last Son of Krypton" Jor-El Killed in the destruction of Krypton, along with countless others.
Science Council
"A Little Piece of Home" Professor Peterson Killed by Mercy Graves offscreen.
"The Way of All Flesh" Dr. Vale Taken out by Lex Luthor's henchmen offscreen.
"Brave New Metropolis" Lois Lane (Brave New Metropolis) Killed by Intergang.
Lex Luthor (Brave New Metropolis) Killed when his escape pod crashes into a statue.
"The Late Mr. Kent" Kurt Bowman Sentenced to death and dies in a gas chamber, but not before realizing that Clark Kent is Superman.
"Apokolips... Now!" Bruno Mannheim Killed in the explosion of Ayers Island Nuclear Power Plant.
Several Parademons Killed in battle with the SCU.
Dan Turpin Killed by Darkseid's omega beams.
"Where There's Smoke" Kurt Could not escape Volcana's fireball.
"New Kids in Town" Brainiac Teleported into the sun.
"Absolute Power" Jax-Ur Pulled into a black hole.
"In Brightest Day..." Abin Sur Dies of wounds sustained in the crash of his spaceship.
"Unity" Reverend Howell Body is destroyed by the Unity creature living inside of him.
Unity Incinerated by Superman.
"Legacy" Countless Parademons Vaporized by Superman's heat vision.

The New Batman Adventures

"Holiday Knights" John Erickson Killed by the Joker. This is the first lethal case of Joker venom—in "The Laughing Fish", the outcome was left inconclusive.
"Sins of the Father" Steven Drake Killed whilst on the run from Two-Face.
"Growing Pains" Annie Sacrificed herself to save Robin, by allowing Clayface to reabsorb her.
"Beware the Creeper" Taxi driver Killed by the Joker with his toxin.

Batman Beyond

"Rebirth" Harry Tully Killed by Derek Powers' virus.
Warren McGinnis Killed by Mr. Fixx
Mr. Fixx Possibly died in the crash of the gas transport.
"Meltdown" Stephanie Lake Frozen by Mr. Freeze.
Mister Freeze Suicide by allowing himself to be crushed by a collapsing building.
"Heroes" Terrific Trio Their fates are left ambiguous; they were either killed or incarcerated.
"A Touch of Curaré" Various police officers Cut down by Curaré while they were protecting Barbara Gordon.
"The Winning Edge" Jackson Chappell The trauma of a blast, combined with the overdose of the drug, left him a brain-dead vegetable.
"Ascension" Derek Powers Presumed dead in the explosion aboard the submarine.
"Splicers" Abel Cuvier Presumably killed in the explosion.
"Earth Mover" Earthmover Killed in the cave-in.
"Lost Soul" Robert Vance Batman destroyed the Batsuit (in which he has downloaded his brain) and every remnant of Vance's self was purged and lost forever.
"Rats" Ratboy Most likely died in the explosion.
"Revenant" Garrison Jacobs Accidentally killed during the construction of the east wing.
"Terry's Friend Dates a Robot" Cynthia Overloaded and then exploded.
"Sneak Peek" Nabuo Taka Died in a house fire.
Ian Peek Consumed by his matter-phasing belt, Peek sinks down to the center of the earth in a permanently intangible state. Peek's ultimate fate is unknown.
"Final Cut" Society of Assassins Curaré wiped their minds clean.
Master Assassin Curaré flicked a gas capsule at each of their chests, releasing a chemical that wiped their minds clean.
Mutro Botha
"Plague" Falseface Succumbs to viral infection
"April Moon" Bullwhip Implied to be killed by Dr. Corso at the episode's conclusion.
"Betrayal" Big Time Fell from bridge to his apparent death.
Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker Bonk Shot by the Joker with a harpoon gun.
Joker Killed by Joker Junior, who had just broken through intense torture and brainwashing.
Countless people Killed by the Joker with the Hyperion satellite's laser beam as it plowed through Gotham City.
"Out of the Past" Talia Possibly killed as her complex on New Cuba exploded.
Ra's al Ghul His mind is in Talia's body as it is destroyed.
"Curse of the Kobra" Zander Trapped aboard the airship as it crashed.
Kairi Tanaga
Dr. Childes
"Unmasked" Kobra One Committed suicide by jumping in a snake-pit to avoid arrest after uploading the data of Batman's secret identity.

Static Shock

"Shock to the System" Several gangbangers Fate left ambiguous after the Big Bang incident.
"Frozen Out" Maureen Connor's mother Died of illness.
"Toys in the Hood" Darci Mason Melted by Toyman with a remote control.
"Flashback" Jean Hawkins Killed in the Dakota riots.
"Power Outage" Hotstreak Presumably killed in the ship's explosion.

The Zeta Project

"Resume Mission" IU7 Finally destroyed by Zeta.
"The Hologram Man" Eli Selig Possibly killed after his life pod crashed into the ocean.

Justice League

"Secret Origins" J. Allen Carter Killed by the Imperium on Mars.
The Imperium Burnt to death in sunlight
"The Enemy Below" Orm Falls off a cliff.
"Paradise Lost" Felix Faust Killed by Hades.
"War World" Krodar the Terrible Killed in battle by Draaga.
"Fury" Aresia's mother and many others. Drowned amidst the wreckage of the ship.
The Captain Died from exhaustion after saving Aresia.
Aresia Either died in plane explosion or drowned when the wreckage crashed into the sea
"Legends" Justice Guild of America Killed in a nuclear war.
"The Savage Time" Countless Allied and Axis troops. It's war.
"Twilight" Steppenwolf Killed in a space battle with Orion's forces.
Desaad Killed by Darkseid's omega beams.
Darkseid Killed in the explosion of Brainiac's satellite.
"Tabula Rasa" Professor Ivo Died of natural causes.
"Only A Dream" Penny Dee Left in a catatonic state as a result of Doctor Destiny invading her dreams.
"Maid of Honor" King Gustav Poisoned by Vandal Savage's agents.
Colonel Vox Could not escape the palace in time.
"Hearts and Minds" Arkkis Chummuck Killed in battle with the Legion of the Third Eye.
Galius Zed
Despero Consumed by Py'tar.
Kalanorian soldiers Turned into trees by the Py'tar.
"Eclipsed" Sarge, Chung and the other soldier Killed(?) by an eclipsed Burns.
"The Terror Beyond" Solomon Grundy Dies of wounds sustained in battle.
Icthultu His brain destroyed by Hawkgirl's mace.
"A Better World" Flash (Justice Lord) Executed by President Luthor.
Lex Luthor (Justice Lords' universe) Killed by Justice Lord Superman with his heat vision.
"Secret Society" Morgan Edge Killed by Killer Frost
Clayface Implied to be killed in the fireworks explosion when the Justice League fought the Secret Society at the football stadium.
Almost all of Morgan Edge's employees Killed by various members of the Secret Society when they raided his island.
"Hereafter" Every single person in the world except for Vandal Savage and Superman. Killed by Vandal Savage's gravity device.
Vandal Savage Fades out of existence due to Superman changing the past.

Justice League Unlimited

"Wake the Dead" Students Implied to be killed by Solomon Grundy.
Solomon Grundy Euthanized by Shayera Hol with magic-disrupting Nth metal mace to grant him peace.
"The Once and Future Thing Part Two: Time, Warped" Batman (Terry McGinnis) Implied to be killed by Dee Dee before Young Bruce and John reset the time stream.
"Hawk and Dove" Nardoc Killed by Ares.
General Olanic Killed in battle.
"Fearful Symmetry" Gilbert Halstrom Killed by Galatea.
General Hardcastle Killed by Galatea.
"Ultimatum" The Ultimen Expire from faulty genetics.
"Dark Heart" Billy Consumed by the Dark Heart.
"The Doomsday Sanction" Milo Killed by Doomsday.
"Double Date" Franco Bertinelli and his wife Killed by Steven Mandragora in a coup.
Tommy Monaghan A loose end cleaned up at Mandragora's orders.
"Hunter's Moon" Hro Talak Sacrificed himself to give his troops a chance to escape.
Kragger Fell to his death after Shayera Hol disabled his suit's flight powers.
"Epilogue" Ace Succumbs to expanding powers.
"I Am Legion" All Blackhawks except for Chuck Sirianni. Revealed to have died some time between the 70s and 00s.
"Chaos at the Earth's Core" Dino Trooper Killed by Deimos.
various soldiers of Skartaris Killed in battle; at least one is eaten by a giant worm; Silver Banshee may also have killed some (it is unclear if they actually died)
Deimos Killed in battle with Warlord.
"To Another Shore" Viking Prince After years of wandering, the prince finally died a peaceful, if lonely death.
"Dead Reckoning" Devil Ray Killed by Deadman in Batman's body.
"Patriot Act" German scientists As their hideout explodes.
"Ancient History" Bashari Poisoned by Hath-Set.
Chay-Ara Hol
Katar Hol Slays himself upon seeing his lover dead.
Shadow Thief Absorbed back into Carter Hall
"Alive!" Angle Man Killed in the mutiny
Blockbuster Frozen and blown up.
Bloodsport Blown up.
Copperhead Frozen and blown up.
Crowbar Killed in the mutiny.
Dr. Cyber Killed in the mutiny.
Dr. Destiny Blown up.
Electrocutioner Blown up.
Fastball Frozen and blown up.
Goldface Frozen and blown up.
Grodd Shot out an airlock into deep space after Luthor turned his mental powers against him.
Hellgrammite Frozen and blown up.
The Key Frozen and blown up.
KGBeast Blown up.
Lady Lunar Blown up.
Major Disaster Blown up.
Merlyn Killed in the mutiny.
Monocle Killed in the mutiny.
Neutron Killed in the mutiny.
Parasite Frozen and blown up.
Rampage Frozen and blown up.
Shade Frozen and blown up.
Silver Banshee Killed in the mutiny.
Tala Drained of life and magic to reconstitute Brainiac.
Weather Wizard Frozen and blown up.
"Destroyer" Countless Parademons Killed in battle.
Lex Luthor According to Dwayne McDuffie they were absorbed into the Source Wall.
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