DC Animated Universe

"There are times when faith is all we have to rely upon."
Wonder Woman[1]

Exclamation Context Episode
Hera, give me strength! While trying to bring an Imperium walker down with her lasso. "Secret Origins, Part II"
En route to Themyscira, trying to gain courage to face her mother after a long absence from the island. "Paradise Lost, Part I"
While trying to halt a hurdling missile in Gorilla City. "The Brave and the Bold, Part II"
Trying to break free from a sea monster's tentacle. "The Terror Beyond, Part I"
Hera, help [object]. [us] After assuming Batman had been killed by the Imperium aliens. "Secret Origins, Part II"
[him] After realizing Aquaman had been targeted by his own people. "The Enemy Below, Part I"
[us] After seeing that Felix Faust is opening the gates of Tartarus. "Paradise Lost, Part II"
[us] After Amazo duplicates Superman's powers. "Tabula Rasa, Part I"
By the goddess! After seeing Themyscira ravaged. "Paradise Lost, Part I"
Great Gaia! Upon seeing a giant statue coming to life.
Great Hera! Seeing Superman and Hawkgirl hanging upside down inside the Invaders' factory. "Secret Origins, Part III"
Seeing Hades' transformation. "Paradise Lost, Part II"
When the Javelin hits Central City's invisible energy shield. "The Brave and the Bold, Part II"
Upon witnessing an explosion of bright light emanating from Earth. "The Savage Time, Part I"
Upon seeing a swarm of sea monsters. "The Terror Beyond, Part II"
When a fleet of Thanagarians attack the Watchtower. "Starcrossed, Part I"
Hera! When confronted with three jets. "Maid of Honor, Part I"
Upon seeing President Luthor incinerated by Superman (though here, technically, her counterpart said it). "A Better World, Part I"
When she sees a civilian punching Parademons (unaware he was actually J'onn J'onzz) "Destroyer"
Thank Hera for that. Referring to the fact that Morgaine Le Fay had not found the Philosopher's Stone yet. "A Knight of Shadows, Part I"
Hera, no! Upon seeing the Black Mercy wrapped around Batman. "For the Man Who Has Everything"
Like Hades it is! After Batman informs her of Audrey's impending nuptials. "Maid of Honor, Part II"


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