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The following is a list of common Yiddish exclamations used by Harley Quinn in the DCAU. These exclamations are a subtle indication that she is Jewish, though references to religion were usually censored, especially during in the earlier-produced series.

Exclamation Episode Context
Oy! Batman: TAS, "Joker's Favor" Lamenting her fate after being cuffed by Batman.
Batman: TAS, "Harlequinade" When Batman locks her in the Batmobile.
Batman: TAS, "Harley's Holiday" Seeing General Vreeland bearing down on her in a tank.
Superman: TAS, "World's Finest, Part III" Shoved into the pilot's chair of the out-of-control Lexwing and staring in bewilderment at the control panel.
The New Batman Adventures, "Girl's Night Out" When Poison Ivy and Livewire are about to fight.
Exclamation Line Episode Context
Plotz Ooh, Mr. J. is gonna plotz when I show him...! Batman: TAS, "Harley and Ivy" Preparing to steal the Harlequin Diamond.
Just look at what I'm selling, you'll plotz! Superman: TAS, "World's Finest, Part I" Tricking her way into an antiques store.


  • "Oy!" is used to express frustration, uncertainty or apprehension; often short for oy gevalt! ("woe is me!"), oy vey ("oh, dear") or oy vey iz mir! (also "woe is me!").
  • "Plotz" means to faint, fall down, or burst.

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