The following is a list of times in which the phrase "My God!" and other variations has been spoken in the DCAU. During the production of Batman: The Animated Series, such references were very rare in an animated series, since censorship rules generally forbade references to religion, especially when used as a curse. As time went on, it became more commonplace to use the phrase.

Exclamation Speaker Context Episode
My God! Batman After watching the video of Nora and Victor Fries's cryonic accident. Batman: TAS,
"Heart of Ice"
Alfred Seeing Bruce Wayne become Batman for the first time. Batman: Mask of the Phantasm
Expedition team member Seeing the submarine crew frozen. Batman & Mr. Freeze: SubZero
Gregory Belson Upon recognizing Victor Fries.
Pedestrian Seeing a downed plane falling in her direction. Superman: TAS,
"The Last Son of Krypton, Part III"
Angela Chen As she recognizes Lois Lane, after thinking she was dead. Superman: TAS,
"Brave New Metropolis"
Pedestrian As a horde of parademons attack the crowd. Superman: TAS,
"Apokolips... Now!, Part II"
Batgirl Seeing Tim Drake turn into "Joker Junior." Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker
Bruce Wayne Watching Tim Drake turn into The Joker.
Oh, my God! Harvey Bullock Seeing that Commissioner Gordon has been shot. Batman: TAS,
"I Am the Night"
Lana Lang Running after Clark Kent towards the scene of an explosion. Superman: TAS,
"The Last Son of Krypton, Part II"
Pedestrian As the crowd sees Mala and Jax-Ur. Superman: TAS,
"Blasts From the Past, Part II"
Female Vacationer Seeing the tidal wave caused by the Prometheon landing in the ocean. Superman: TAS,
"The Prometheon"
Ben Mardon Seeing the storm brewing over Metropolis. Superman: TAS,
"Speed Demons"
Lois Lane Seeing a display of Superman clones. Superman: TAS,
"Identity Crisis"
Reporter As Livewire appears on the press conference. Superman: TAS,
"Double Dose"
Lois Lane Realizing that she is in another dimension. Superman: TAS,
"Brave New Metropolis"
Lois Lane Seeing Superman and Supergirl lying unconscious on the ground after being hit by a Kryptonite missile. Superman: TAS,
"Legacy, Part I"
Harley Quinn Uttered twice after Bruce Wayne falls down an elevator shaft. The New Batman Adventures,
"Holiday Knights"
Tim Drake Uttered thrice as the Batboat speeds toward a rock wall. The New Batman Adventures,
"Sins of the Father"
Batgirl Seeing Mr. Freeze's disembodied head. The New Batman Adventures,
"Cold Comfort"
Barbara As she steps into the Batcave and realizes Bruce is Batman. The New Batman Adventures,
"Old Wounds"
Batman Realizing who Annie's "dad" really is. The New Batman Adventures,
"Growing Pains"
James Gordon When he realizes that Batgirl, who is dying is his arms, is really Barbara. The New Batman Adventures,
"Over the Edge"
Bobbi Sommer When she sees the "ghost" left a message for her. Batman Beyond,
Bill Wallace When he sees what has become of Tony Maychek Batman Beyond,
"Earth Mover"
Dana Tan When she is surrounded by Ratboy's mutated rats Batman Beyond,
Oh, God! LexCorp technician As Brainiac's ship descends from the sky. Superman: TAS,
"Stolen Memories"
Trish Mills As Corey Mills starts behaving erratically. Superman: TAS,
Girl Running after Jimmy. Superman: TAS,
"Superman's Pal"
Tim Drake When he remembers he killed the Joker. Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker
Oh, my Lord! Hamilton Hill Realizing that the Clock King is the man from the subway years ago. Batman: TAS,
"The Clock King"
Dr. March Realizing that his daughter, Francine, has been infected with the Man-Bat formula. Batman: TAS,
"Terror in the Sky"
Pierce Chapman Upon seeing Veronica Vreeland chained to a chandelier. Batman: TAS,
"Birds of a Feather"
Hamilton Hill When Joker starts the countdown on a nuclear bomb. Batman: TAS,
Lois Lane When she sees Superman strapped to Darkseid's tank. Superman: TAS,
"Apokolips... Now!, Part II"
General Wells When the Imperium base emerges from the meteorite. Justice League,
"Secret Origins, Part II"
Blond Woman When the Imperium mother ship surfaces. Justice League,
"Secret Origins, Part III"
My Lord! Trish Mills Watching Corey on TV use excessive force. Superman: TAS,
Oh, good Lord! Alfred Realizing that Batman had been replaced by a duplicant. Batman: TAS,
"His Silicon Soul"
Good Lord! Sul-Van Seeing Jor-El wounded. Superman: TAS,
"The Last Son of Krypton, Part I"
Professor Felix As the volcano starts to erupt. Superman: TAS,
"Action Figures"
James Gordon As Farmer Brown's goat barges in his office and starts talking. The New Batman Adventures,
Alfred As he realizes who The Judge really is. The New Batman Adventures,
"Judgment Day"
Superman Witnessing Hades turning Felix Faust into a decrepit state. Justice League,
"Paradise Lost, Part II"
Cop Noticing Metamorpho as a morphing pile of mud next to a car he accidentally hit. Justice League,
"Metamorphosis, Part I"
Metamorpho Realizing that he has been set up by Simon Stagg. Justice League,
"Metamorphosis, Part II"
Emil Hamilton Realising what Lex Luthor's plans with Cadmus were. Justice League Unlimited,
"Panic in the Sky"
Dear Lord! Alfred Upon seeing Red Claw has launched a nuclear warhead at London. Batman: TAS,
"The Lion and the Unicorn"
Thank God! Cop Telling James Gordon a subway crash only caused minor injuries. Batman: TAS,
"The Clock King"
James Gordon Seeing Barbara emerge, unhurt, from the exploding Cybertron building. Batman: TAS,
"Heart of Steel, Part II"
Tina Seeing Jimmy is unharmed, after being threatened by muggers. Superman: TAS,
"Superman's Pal"
Batgirl When she wakes up from her dream and realizes that Batman and her father are alive. The New Batman Adventures,
"Over the Edge"
Darlene When she sees Lobo try to rescue her. === Lobo: Webseries ===,
"Market Day"
God, no! Lois Lane After Clark asks her if she had ever been to Kansas. Superman: TAS,
"The Last Son of Krypton, Part II"
Godspeed, lad. Alfred As Robin leaves the Batcave to follow the link between Bruce Wayne and Kyodai Ken. Batman: TAS,
"Night of the Ninja"
God rest [object]. Leslie Thompkins Referring to Thomas Wayne. Batman: TAS,
"Paging the Crime Doctor"
For God's Sake. Arthur Reeves While trying to resist to the Joker venom. Batman: Mask of the Phantasm
Lex Luthor Urging Harley Quinn to take control of the Lexwing. Superman: TAS,
"World's Finest, Part III"
Godsend. James Gordon Referring to Gil Mason. Batman: TAS,
"Shadow of the Bat, Part I"
Joyce Caulder What she thought the Brain Trust was at first. Batman Beyond,
"Mind Games"
Jeez! Palmer While checking counterfeit money. Batman: Mask of the Phantasm
Toby Raynes Seeing Dan Turpin rebel, and wondering whether's he's crazy. Superman: TAS,
"Apokolips... Now!, Part II"
Amy Upon seeing the Doomsday Magnet. Superman: TAS,
"Little Girl Lost, Part II"
Shuttle captain Upon being hit by a strange spaceship, she utters the long version "Jeez Louise" Superman: TAS,
"In Brightest Day..."
Arms dealer After his stash of weapons is destroyed by a stray shot of J-Man. Batman Beyond,
"The Winning Edge"
Cop Upon seeing D-Struct's rampage. Static Shock,
"The Breed"
Goon Utters the long version "Jeez Louise" upon seeing the Batman is really the Batwoman. Batman: Mystery of the Batwoman
Stargirl Upon seeing the state of Warlord's army. Justice League Unlimited,
"Chaos at the Earth's Core"
Madre de Dios!
(Mother of God!)
Renee Montoya Upon hearing of Batman's supposed death. Batman: TAS,
"The Man Who Killed Batman"
Driver As he sees Superman and the Flash dashing by the tollbooth. Superman: TAS,
"Speed Demons"
Renee Montoya Seeing Clayface materialize before her. The New Batman Adventures,
"Holiday Knights"
Please, God, no! Terry McGinnis Seeing the chaos at the Batcave caused by Joker's invasion. Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker
Vaya con Dios.
(Go with God)
Vigilante To Shayera as she takes off to surrender herself to Paran Dul. Justice League Unlimited,
"Hunter's Moon"
(By God!)
Penguin Seeing "Gordon's brat" in the queue in front of the Iceberg Lounge. The New Batman Adventures,
"Joker's Millions"
Seeing multiple Batwomen Batman: Mystery of the Batwoman


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