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"Linked" is the tenth episode of the fourth season of Static Shock. It first aired on May 1, 2004.


Static and Gear are fighting a new Bang Baby, but they are losing. The Bang Baby runs off, but they do not follow. They have to go to a dinner. The Bang Baby goes home too and watches a news report about a pro football player named Dulé Jones. Virgil and family are at the dinner and watch him speak. Later, Dulé arrives and offers to take Sharon, Virgil and Richie for a ride in his Hummer. As they are driving, they are attacked by the Bang Baby. Virgil and Richie run off and switch into their uniforms. They try to fight him but lose. Dulé drives off leaving Sharon behind. When he gets to his house, the Bang Baby—named "Chainlink"—breaks in. He threatens to tell the world Dulé is a Bang Baby if he doesn't get some of Dulé's fortune.

Dulé agrees and returns to the Hawkins' house. Virgil and Richie agree that they should follow Dulé to protect him from Chainlink. Richie attaches a tracer to Dule's Hummer. The next morning, Dulé and Sharon are having breakfast when Chainlink calls Dulé. Dulé tells him to meet him at a factory. When he gets there, he tries to throw Chainlink into acid. The attempt fails, but Static and Gear come to try and help. Chainlink then runs away. Sharon also shows up and tells Dulé she is disappointed in him, because she doesn't want Dulé to make good, she wants him to be good.

Later on, at the football game, Virgil and family are watching on the sidelines. After a touchdown, Dule walks to the middle of the field and begins to talk. As he is going to confess his secret, Chainlink drops down and begins to fight him. Static and Gear also try to help. As they are losing, star quarterback Rashid Randall and the other football players decide to help and are able to hold off Chainlink until Dulé was able to stop him. Afterwards, Sharon tells Dulé she is proud of what he did. Virgil and Richie then play catch with Rashid "The Rocket" Randall, an old friend of Virgil's father.


  • Debut of Gear's hoverboard.

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Production inconsistencies[]

  • Dulé's tentacles pop out of his shirt when he fights Chainlink. When they go back in, there are no holes in the shirt.
  • In the flashback of the Big Bang, the gang member who shot at the helicopter that caused the explosion is completely different from the one in "Shock to the System".


Actor Role
Phil LaMarr Static/Virgil Hawkins
Jason Marsden Gear/Richie Foley
Michele Morgan Sharon Hawkins
Bumper Robinson Chainlink/Troy
Sean Donnellan Reporter
Marshall Jones Dulé Jones
Michael Clarke Duncan Rashid "The Rocket" Randall
Kevin Michael Richardson Robert Hawkins