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Linda Park was a reporter for Central City News.


Linda was assigned covering the opening the of the Flash Museum during Flash Appreciation Day. It was revealed quickly that she was infatuated with Flash. When attempting to interview Flash while he was signing autographs, she slipped him her phone number. She felt slightly rejected when, in his distraction, all he did was sign the paper and hand it back; he was expecting three of his rogues' gallery to attack at any moment.

Inadvertently, Linda let the rogues in while checking her makeup in her compact mirror. As they made their move, Ms. Park ran afoul of Mirror Master and fell into his mirror dimension. Thankfully she was rescued by the Flash, Orion and Batman, who quickly defeated the villains. Afterwards, she again interviewed Flash, while inadvertently confessing her attraction to him again, much to Wally's shy appreciation.

Background information[]

Linda Park is Wally West's wife in DC comics. Like in the cartoon, the comic Linda was a news reporter, until she gave birth to their twin kids Iris and Jai. When the entire West Family disappeared into the Speed-Force and landed in an alternate universe, Linda has extended her medical knowledge with the advanced science of the aliens, thereby becoming one of the world's leading experts on the Speed-Force. All this was done to help her children who were being torn apart by their own speed powers. With the kids now stabilized, Linda has returned to her career as a reporter.


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