"He's worse than the Flash."
Wonder Woman

Lightray was a New God from New Genesis and a friend of Orion.


When Batman and Wonder Woman came to Supertown looking for Orion, Lightray spotted them, initially assuming that they were Bugs. When Wonder Woman asked for Orion's location, Lightray playfully offered to tell them if they managed to catch him (spanking Wonder Woman for added incentive). Lightray was able to fly faster than Wonder Woman, but was eventually caught when Batman threw his cape upon the young New God, only for Orion to arrive just at that moment, clearly angered that his friend had been attacked. During the group's subsequent meeting with Highfather, Lightray was a silent observer.

When New Genesis came under attack from Darkseid on Brainiac's asteroid, Lightray immediately sought out Highfather, who ordered an evacuation of the city. Lightray and Highfather ejected together, later meeting up with the Justice League and Orion. Lightray went out to search for the other citizens, but he was unable to find them. Fortunately, they had been sheltered in the hive of Forager.

Years later, New Genesis detected an explosion in the coordinates of where Brainiac's asteroid was destroyed, and Lightray was sent to investigate. What he found was Lex Luthor and the surviving members of the Legion of Doom, who had survived due to Sinestro's power ring. Entering the force field Sinestro formed, Lightray shook hands with Luthor, allowing Evil Star to hit him from behind, knocking him out. The Legion stole his Mother Box and used it to open a Boom tube for them to escape back to earth. Lightray's fate is unknown.


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