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In an alternate universe, Lex Park was the main park of Metropolis.


Lex Park was built in dedication to Superman and Lex Luthor, the men who "saved" Metropolis after Superman turned on Luthor for help due Lois Lane's death at the hands of Intergang. The center of the park housed a giant statue of Superman and Luthor.[1]

When the regular universe's Lois Lane, who was accidentally transported to this universe by Emil Hamilton's dimensional machine, was ordered to be executed by Lex Luthor, she ran into Lex Park and climbed to the top of the statue, where she nearly fell to her death before being saved by Superman. Later on, after informing Superman about Luthor's treachery, Luthor tried to escape but failed and crashed against the statue, bringing his fascist reign over Metropolis to an end once and for all.[1]


Superman: The Animated Series


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