Leslie Thompkins was a doctor who went to medical school with Thomas Wayne and Matthew Thorne. The three were best friends. She operated a free clinic for the poor called "Thomas Wayne Memorial," in memory of her late friend.


Leslie Thompkins was a friend of Thomas Wayne and his wife as well as Alfred Pennyworth. She knew Thomas Wayne when they were all medical students and it was this friendship that she continued with Thomas Wayne well after they completed their medical education and they were both practicing doctors. After Thomas and Martha Wayne were gunned down; it was Leslie along with Alfred Pennyworth who helped raise Bruce. She also provided medical care too Bruce in his guise as Batman as an adult. It can be inferred from her appearences in Batman the Animated Series that she works mainly with Gotham City's economically disadvantaged population. It is never mentioned if she has a medical practice of her own outside of her work with Thomas Wayne Memorial Clinic located in Crime Alley. She is, an experienced and versatile medical doctor who does not seem to have a specific area of specialty in medicine. Specifically, she has treated both children and adults for a wide array of illnesses. Additionally, she has shown some talent for performing surgery as demonstrated in the episode The Crime Doctor. Also, as seen in the Batman TAS episode Blind as a Bat; she apprently has a knack for, at the very least helping to design and build technological equipment of limited fashion when she uses a mini-blowtorch to assemble a headpeice that allows an injured Batman to see with a Radar Like vision after he looses his sight in an accident.

She was never without a word of advice to Bruce, even though she knew he would not listen.

Leslie and Batman

Dr. Thompkins was one of the few people who knew Bruce Wayne's secret identity. Like Alfred Pennyworth she had known Bruce for most of his life. Leslie was not a big fan of Batman, but she realized that Bruce had done a lot of good in Gotham City through Batman.

Background information

Leslie Thompkins was a friend of Thomas Wayne in medical school and tried to be a parental figure to young Bruce after his parents death. Leslie opposed Bruce's actions as a vigilante because she is a pacifist, and often feels that she let him down when he was younger, though Batman often felt guilty over not living up to her expectations.

In the comics, Batman severed all ties with Leslie when it was learned that she denied medical treatment to Stephanie Brown, the Spoiler and girlfriend of Tim Drake, as a warning to Batman of the dangers of using children as partners, and Batman viewed Leslie as little more than a murderer from that point on. However, it was later revealed that Leslie faked Stephanie's death, and Stephanie has become Robin's unofficial partner. It is unknown how Batman currently views Leslie Thompkins.

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