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Leslie Thompkins was a doctor who went to medical school with Thomas Wayne and Matthew Thorne. The three were best friends.


Leslie Thompkins attended medical school along with Thomas Wayne and Matthew Thorne, and they remained friends well after they completed their education. She then moved to Park Row, and saw the neighborhood deteriorate over the years.

Leslie and young Bruce

A photo of Leslie and a young Bruce.

After Thomas and Martha Wayne were shot in Park Row, Leslie consoled the young son of her friends. Bruce and Leslie became close friends over the years. In fact, Leslie was one of the few people that Bruce trusted with the knowledge of his secret identity as Batman. She also became indirectly involved in Batman's adventures on a few occasions. Examples include, when she was kidnapped by Rupert Thorne's men and forced to render medical aide against her will and when Batman was blinded in an accident, and she treated him. Leslie also managed the Thomas Wayne Memorial Clinic, a free clinic for the poor which Bruce had setup in memory of his father. She was also the one Batman turned to when he needed medical attention that went beyond the abilities of himself or Alfred. Leslie was not a big supporter of Batman, but she realized that Bruce had done a lot of good in Gotham City.

After the second Robin, Tim Drake, was kidnapped and tortured into insanity by the Joker, Leslie helped him regain his sanity, though it took nearly a year to do so.[1]


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