DC Animated Universe

Lee was a school kid aspiring to become a member of the Jokerz.


Lee attended Hamilton Hill High School and wanted to be a member of the Jokerz.

Scab and Coe were about to initiate Lee when an experimental aircraft landed nearby and its pilots evacuated. They knocked over the pilots and stole the ship, intending to have fun with it. After picking up some other Jokerz, they attacked a fast-food restaurant and took down a group of T's. Seeing the violent and unforgiving nature of Scab and J-Man, Lee started to doubt his dreams.

Batman attempted to stop the ship, because its reactor had been damaged and could explode at any minute. However, the Jokerz refused to listen, forcing Batman to preempt their attack on the T's headquarters and ground the ship. The Jokerz evacuated with the exception of Scab, who attacked and pinned Batman, preventing him from shutting down the reactor. However, after hearing Scab say that he didn't care about the Jokerz and didn't need them now that he had the vehicle which if it exploded would kill half the city, including Scab, Lee finally turned on the Jokerz, striking Scab from behind and knocking him out, allowing Batman to shut down the reactor and prevent disaster. He then threw away the clown's nose he had been given, taking a cold, hard glare at Scab as he left the Jokerz. His fate after that is unknown.


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