A Lazarus Pit located in the Himalayas.

"I know it is difficult to believe, but the pit is what keeps alive, what has kept him alive for 600 years."

A Lazarus Pit was a mysterious fluid-filled pit in the earth that would regenerate and even revive the dying and dead, and kill the healthy, though with some side effects, most famously bouts of insanity, though other long-term effects include dependency.

Ra's al Ghul lived for over 600 years through the use of the Lazarus Pits, and had a plan for terrorism on a grand scale by causing Lazarus Pits to bubble up to the surface, killing the entire population of Earth (save for Ra's al Ghul, his underlings, and possibly the terminally ill), allowing him to remake the world into an environental utopia (under his domination, of course). In the future, the process of using the Lazarus Pits has become much safer and although the Pit's restorative powers made Bruce's body more youthful, he had only been given a smaller dosage than Ra's al Ghul was used to in order to ensure the new dosage was safe. Although pleased with the results, he commented his advanced age would have required many more dosages, and ultimately rejected this idea. Within a week, his body reverted to the appearance of his proper age.[2]

Sightings and references

Batman: The Animated Series

Superman: The Animated Series

Batman Beyond


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