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"Sleep, Kal-El, my beautiful child, my heartbeat, my life."[1]

Lara-El was the daughter of Sul-Van, the wife of Jor-El, and the mother of Kal-El.


Lara's father Sul-Van was less than supportive of Jor-El's radical ideas. Lara, on the other hand, had utmost faith in her husband. She agreed to send off their baby son into space, so that at least one Kryptonian might survive its destruction. When Jor-El suggested letting Lara go with Kal-El to be with him, she chose to stay with her husband and kissed him. She then proceeded to give her son a kiss immediately before the rocket departed, signifying after death his parents will always be with him in spirit. Soon after, Kal-El's ship departed for Earth and Krypton crumbled around Lara and her family, which destroyed Kal-El's childhood home. Soon afterward, Lara, along with her husband, perished in the explosion. Despite her death, Lara left a message in the spaceship which she recorded along with Jor-El about Kal-El's parentage and origin, which could be accessed after their son entered puberty.


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