Gotham Girls episode
"Lap Bat"
Airdate: August 10th, 2000
Production Number: 02
Airdate Order: 02
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"Lap Bat" is the second episode of Gotham Girls.


Lap Bat Catwoman & Batgirl

Catwoman loose Batgirl falling from the building.

In a rooftop chase, Batgirl catches up to Catwoman, who has stolen The Jade Gato, a statuette rumored to be a mystical good luck charm (as well as being worth three million dollars). After a struggle, Batgirl falls off the edge of the building. She fires a grappling hook at the roof, but Catwoman cuts it, and she barely catches onto a loose brick. Catwoman won't help her up unless she gives her the statue, but Batgirl refuses to let her have it.

Lap Bat Arrest

Catwoman is arrest by Batgirl from home

When police cars begin to arrive, Catwoman declares it a draw and runs off, leaving Batgirl berating the "good luck charm". The brick gives way, and Batgirl falls screaming into the alley below—a scream that turns into a meow; in midair, she transforms into a cat and lands on her feet. At that moment, Catwoman happens by her, unaware of her true identity, and takes her home. In the next scene, Catwoman sits in bed with her new pet, scratching her ears... when the cat suddenly turns back into Batgirl — the Jade Gato in her lap — and claps a pair of handcuffs on her.

Interactive Segment

While Catwoman is scratching the cat-Batgirl's ears, the viewer can hear her thoughts by moving the mouse back and forth across her ears, "scratching" them.

Background information


  • When Batgirl is hanging from the wall, she mutters, "Hell of a good luck charm you turned out to be—long life, my-" before falling. This is one of the few times "Hell" is used as an expletive in the DCAU.


Actor Role
Tara Strong Batgirl
Adrienne Barbeau Catwoman


Catwoman: (struggling with Batgirl) It took me three years to track down the Jade Gato—and three more to figure out how to steal it.
Batgirl: Funny, it only took me ten minutes to figure out how to snatch it back.
Catwoman: Okay, then—you take it. [lets go, causing Batgirl to fall off the building]

Catwoman: (finding a cat, unaware that it's Batgirl) Well, hello, sweetie! Where did you come from? [picks her up] At least I won't go home empty-handed...
Batgirl: Meow?

Batgirl: (thinking, as a cat, being scratched by Catwoman) She's never this nice to me... most of the time—ohh, ooh, yeah, right behind the ear, scratch behind the ear—behind the ear, woman!

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