Laffco Toy Factory

Laffco Toy Factory

The Laffco Toy Factory was a toy factory owned by the company Laffco located in Gotham City.


Fourteen years after Laffco went bankrupt and the toy factory became derelict, the Joker used it as his hideout once during Christmas Eve. Once there, he began to broadcast his television special and showed Batman and Robin that he had James Gordon, Summer Gleeson and Harvey Bullock as his hostages. However, when the Joker showed a Betty Blooper Doll near the end of the special, Batman realized where he was. Once at the factory, the Dynamic Duo faced several obstacles only to discover the Joker trying to execute the hostages in a vat, but Batman jumped and saved both the hostages and the Joker from falling to their deaths after opening his present and send the latter to Arkham Asylum but not before wishing a "Merry Christmas" for him.[1]


Batman: The Animated Series


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