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Lady-X was a mysterious criminal.


Lady-X's rise to infamy was a short but successful one. She held the mayor's wife hostage with a pie, she stole the Cat's Paw Opal, and she set fire to the Cloyster Woods to cover her escape. This earned her the ire of Harley Quinn, Catwoman and Poison Ivy.

The three confronted Lady-X at the Tower Top Gym, where they received help from Batgirl. Though they were unsuccessful at first, they eventually managed to pin Lady-X down under a pile of dumbbells. She was arrested and tried for her crimes.

Lady X (website) Lady X is out of harm's way

Batgirl and Catwoman manages to put Lady-X out of harm's way.

Powers and abilities[]

Lady-X had an above average strength; she was able to lift and carelessly throw dumbbells and barbells. She was also strong enough to resist frontal kicks and hits.

She also had the metahuman ability to shoot a light blue energy beam from her eyes.

Background information[]

Lady-X was based on the winner of the Gotham Girls "Create a Super Hero" contest, a character named "the Muse" by R. Larry Williams.


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