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"I'm just an artist. I doodle in the margins of notepads. I daydream about color and form and monster trucks. I live half my life in a fantasy world."[1]

Kyle Rayner was an artist for the Daily Planet, recruited by the Green Lantern Corps after Abin Sur's death.


Early life[]

Kyle Rayner was a gifted artist who worked for the Daily Planet. He aspired to become a comic book artist but had no success. He was friends with Jimmy Olsen and recovered Jimmy's camera from a goon with a demonstration of athletic skills.

Becoming a Green Lantern[]

When Abin Sur crashed on Earth while fleeing Sinestro, he was mortally wounded. Abin sent his power ring to find his successor. The ring chose Kyle. Sinestro pursued Kyle to take the inexperienced Green Lantern's ring and power battery. Superman kept Sinestro occupied long enough for Kyle to figure out how to use the power ring. Kyle then battled and defeated Sinestro.[1]

Sometime later, Earth's other Green Lantern, John Stewart, sent Kyle to Oa to be trained by Katma Tui. Kyle gave Katma some frustration, but he eventually completed his training and became a full-fledged Lantern.[2][3]

The Amazo conflict[]

When the android Amazo was detected on a collision course with Oa, Kyle led the defensive wave of Lanterns. The Lanterns combined their power to construct an impressive shield, but their defense failed and Oa appeared to have been annihilated. As a last resort, Kyle, along with the surviving Green Lanterns, tracked it to Earth where they intended to use all the remaining charges left in their rings in one powerful blast to destroy the android, and probably half the planet with it. However, when the Corps confronted Amazo in Lex Luthor's bunker, he revealed that he had simply moved Oa to another dimension to get it out of his way. After he agreed to move it back, the Lanterns withdrew and allowed the android to go with Doctor Fate.[2]

Background information[]

  • Kyle Rayner was an artist given the last power ring by Ganthet, sole surviving Guardian of the Universe, after Parallax influenced Hal Jordan into destroying the Corps and the other Guardians. After evolving into Ion, Rayner rebuilt and recharged the Central battery, and resurrected the Guardians as mixed-gender infants under Ganthet's care.
  • Originally, John Stewart was planned for use in Superman: The Animated Series[4], but Kyle Rayner was ultimately used as the introductory Green Lantern in the DCAU in "In Brightest Day..." in order to keep current with the comics. The origin of Rayner in the DCAU is a composite version with Hal Jordan's DC Comics origin. Kyle's debut character design also bore a resemblance to Hal Jordan. When redesigned in Justice League Unlimited, he began to more closely resemble his comic counterpart.


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