DC Animated Universe

Kwaku Anansi was a very clever spider.


In order to obtain the power of storytelling from Nyame, the Sky Father, Kwaku had to apprehend three evildoers.

He tricked Mmoboro into a gourd, tied Onini to a stick, and lured Osebo into a pit. As a reward, Nyame gave him the gift of storytelling and imagination. Kwaku stored his powers in a spider-shaped amulet, which was used by many after him, including the legendary hero Anansi.

Background information[]

  • Kwaku Anansi was an Ashanti trickster god, but his Static Shock character was split up into Anansi and Kwaku Anansi.
  • In the comics, the trickster Anansi is also the driving force behind Vixen's Tantu totem, which uses elements of Ashanti and Yoruba culture.


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