Kwaku Anansi was a very clever spider.


In order to obtain the power of storytelling from Nyame, the Sky Father, Kwaku had to apprehend three evildoers.

He tricked Mmoboro into a gourd, tied Onini to a stick, and lured Osebo into a pit. As a reward, Nyame gave him the gift of storytelling and imagination. Kwaku stored his powers in a spider-shaped amulet, which was used by many after him, including the legendary hero Anansi.

Background information

Kwaku Anansi was an Ashanti trickster god, but his Static Shock character was split up into Anansi and Kwaku Anansi.

In the comics, the trickster Anansi is also the driving force behind Vixen's Tantu totem, which uses elements of Ashanti and Yoruba culture.


Static Shock

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