Kurt Bowman was a corrupt homicide detective of the Metropolis Police Department.


Bowman's corruption went deeper than simply refusing to conduct proper investigations. For unknown reasons, he murdered a wealthy woman. He was also aware of the checkered past of Ernest Walker, and planted the woman's necklace near Walker's residence. When Walker attempted to make a fast buck by pawning the necklace, questions arose as to how it came into his possession, and Walker was charged with the woman's murder whilst Bowman got away scot-free. Bowman succeeded in this frame-up for five years.[1]

Some time after his secret crime, Lois Lane wrote an article about police corruption that somehow caused Bowman to lose a promotion. After this, he became deeply embittered with her, and when an attempt was made on her life some time later, he made little effort to find her attempted killer, Edward Lytener.[2]

When it was almost time for Walker's execution, Clark Kent started an investigation of his own. He first went to see Bowman, who was the lead investigator on the case. Clark received the case files, and Bowman told him there was no question Walker was guilty. Clark soon discovered that Walker was innocent. Fearful that this evidence could expose him, Bowman tried to assassinate Clark with a car bomb. This almost forced Superman to reveal his secret identity, since there seemed no plausible way for Clark to have survived the bomb.

However, Bowman underestimated Lois' investigative abilities and she and Superman soon figured out that he was the real murderer. Lois confronted him at the Metropolis Police Department: He was the detective on the case, he happened to be the one closest to Clark's wreck, and Bowman was spotted near his apartment after the bomb went off. He dismissed her, but Lois held up the phone tap — standard police issue — and said she would have it checked for fingerprints. In response, he tried to kill her as well. Superman saved her and caught Bowman, before flying to Stryker's Island Prison just in time to prevent Walker's execution. Bowman was arrested, convicted of murder, and sentenced to execution. Before being led to the gas chamber, he bitterly read the story of his own exposure in the Daily Planet, written by Clark.

In his final seconds, Bowman wondered how Clark could have possibly survived the car bomb. Just before the lever was pulled, Bowman realized that Clark Kent is Superman, a revelation he took with him to the grave.[1]


Superman: The Animated Series

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