Kryptonians were the dominant species of the planet Krypton.


In appearance, Kryptonians were virtually identical to human beings. Physiologically, they were vastly different. Under the influence of a yellow sun, like Earth's, Kryptonians would gain almost-unimaginable superpowers: flight, superhuman strength and speed, invulnerability to almost any physical harm, enhanced senses, heat vision, super breath, and freezing breath. While under a red sun, like Krypton's, they have normal human abilities.

Super-powered Kryptonians were, however, particularly vulnerable to the radioactive remains of Krypton itself — kryptonite.

Only a handful of Kryptonians survived the planet's destruction—Superman, and the convicted criminals Mala and Jax-Ur. Supergirl is the last surviving member of the related Argoan species.

Appearances and references

Superman: The Animated Series

Batman Beyond

Static Shock

Justice League

Justice League Unlimited

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