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Krypto (dog)

Krypto, hiding behind Van-El.

Krypto was a Kryptonian canine and Kal-El's Pet when he as a baby.


Baby Kal-El had a puppy, who likely perished on Krypton.

Years later after the Black Mercy latched itself onto Superman, the man of steel began fantasizing of a life on Krypton where he was married to Loana-El and had a son named Van-El. Krypto was their pet who was adopted as an adult and the responsibility of Van.

Background information[]

Paul Dini had hoped to develop a Krypto story going back to Superman: The Animated Series. However, when he took his pitch to Bruce Timm, the latter responded "It's pretty good, but NO KRYPTO!"[1]


Superman: The Animated Series

Justice League Unlimited


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