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Kobra One was a Kobra leader.


One of Kobra's earliest crimes was a bank heist that was foiled by Batman. Kobra One escaped and questioned one of his agents suspected of tipping him off. Using a mind scanning device, Kobra One saw that the agent phoned his brother, the bank's depositor, who may have alerted Batman. Kobra One then had the agent executed by throwing him into a snake pit. Just then, a news report came on about Miguel Diaz, a boy who was saved by Batman from a burning building. On the report, Miguel said that he had seen Batman's true face, making him Kobra One's new target.

Kobra Onel kidnapped Miguel and demanded that he disclose Batman's secret identity, threatening to throw the child into the snake pit. He then ordered Miguel to be strapped into the mind reading machine, but this only produced a fuzzy image. Kobra One realized he may have gone too far, as he likely frightened the child into not thinking clearly. Kobra One ordered his henchman to give the boy his "Soldier Sam" action figure to calm him down. When Batman arrived and took out the other Kobra agents, he subdued Kobra One, who only laughed. Kobra One smirked that they got Miguel to disclose Batman's secret identity, as there was a clear image on the monitor, which was now being sent to every Kobra member. Believing he had won, Kobra One jumped into the snake pit. This act, however, proved meaningless, as the image Miguel provided was actually Soldier Sam's, making the information sent to the Kobra agencies worth nothing.[1]

Sometime later, Kobra One either survived or was replaced by another Kobra member assuming his position, returning to unleash a deadly virus onto Gotham City. The plan was foiled by Stalker and Batman.[2]


Batman Beyond


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