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"Don't get me wrong, these guys give good back. But they don't call me King for nothing!"

King was the self-declared leader of the first incarnation of the Royal Flush Gang.


At a young age, King developed the ability to create bolts of fire with his hands and propel them in any direction. Hoping to put his powers to good use, the U.S. government took him from his home. At a Cadmus facility in Arizona, King and four other kids were put through a strict regime of training by their headmaster. The kids were cheated out of their childhood, and were very happy when the Joker broke them out. He made them into the Royal Flush Gang.

And so, "King" was born. He donned a long coat and a helmet, and used a staff to emphasize his newfound "royalty". He and the others assisted taking on the Justice League in Las Vegas. Joker had hidden bombs, and to keep the League busy, the gang attacked them. King took on Flash at the Falcon Casino. The Scarlet Speedster initially outsmarted the cocky King, and wrapped him up in the bandages of a mummy. After Ten distracted Flash, King could get himself untangled.

With Ten, he attacked Flash, and later also Superman. But unlike Ten, King did not like the prospect of being blown up by the bomb. With a minute on the clock, King decided to cut his losses and fled.

Powers and abilities

King is a pyrokinetic. He can shoot fire blasts that can be made powerful enough to destroy a couple of tanks and even stagger Superman himself.

Background Information

King’s voice actor, Scott Menville also voices Robin. Just like robin, king is the team leader.


Justice League

Members of the Royal Flush Gang:
Joker's Group AceJackKingQueenTen
Ace's Group AceJackKingQueenTen
Walker Family AceJackKingQueenTen
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