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"Ah, you must be the mystery woman."
The Flash[1]

Katma Tui was a Green Lantern, and trainer of new recruits to the Corps. She had a brief, romantic relationship with John Stewart.


Katma Tui was a senior Green Lantern and also the primary trainer of new recruits. Among many prominent members, Katma trained John Stewart, whom she shared a brief romance with, as well as Kyle Rayner.

Katma Tui led a group of Green Lanterns against the forces of Despero in Ranstad-7. When half of her team was decimated,[2] she allowed herself to be captured only to permit Kilowog, the only remaining survivor, to flee and warn the Guardians. Katma Tui went undercover as one of Despero's priestesses to infiltrate his Cult and learn about his plans.

When John was impaired by Despero and lost control of his ring, Katma Tui resumed his training. However, her cold hearted and intolerant attitude repelled John. Hawkgirl confronted Katma and implied that she never cared for John, but simply used him. After freeing Kalanor from Despero, Katma offered John a place alongside her to help rebuild the planet, but she was turned down.[1]

Katma Tui witnessed how Amazo seemingly destroyed Oa in his path to Earth. Then, she accompanied the Green Lantern Corps to destroy the android.[3]

Powers and abilities[]

"Then we'll make our last stand here."
— Katma Tui[2]

Like all members of the Green Lantern Corps, Katma possessed a power ring and power battery. Her skills with her Power ring were legendary within the Corps, to the point that she was one of the primary trainers and often fought alongside veteran members. She preferred to use her Ring powers in creative, innovative ways, and not like the rest of the Corps, who she believed used them "like jackhammers."

Her sense of bravery and duty was such that she never faltered in her Ring bearing duties and was more than willing to "make her last stand" at any opportunity.

Background information[]

  • In the comics, Katma Tui is originally from Korugar, the home planet of Sinestro. Originally regarded by Sinestro as his protegee, she came to oppose his fascist control of the planet, and testified against him at his trial before the Guardians. After his exile, she was nominated to take his place as Green Lantern for that sector.
  • Katma also married the comics version of John Stewart but was murdered by Star Sapphire.


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