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Not to be confused with the scientist Karos.

Karros was a mercenary employed by Agrichem.


Karros was a specialist in high-tech robberies, wanted by Interpol. He was hired by Agrichem to steal the growth hormone Cerestone from Wayne-Powers. After a truck hijacking was foiled by Batman, he opted for a better approach. His contact in Agrichem, Richard Armacost, introduced him to Charlie Bigelow, who was able to get a job at Wayne-Powers. He would open the doors for them, allowing them to steal the Cerestone from the building itself.

The heist started out successful; Charlie got them in. But when Batman showed up, everything went sour. Karros and part of his crew got out after he buried Batman in fertilizer, but he could not take the Cerestone with him.

Karros blamed Charlie and expected the missed creds to be paid by him. Charlie had to come up with 40,000 creds or he'd be seriously hurt or even killed.

He also turned to Armacost, who refused to pay. When Batman revealed he taped their conversation, Charlie, mutated by Cerestone, barged in. Charlie went straight for Armacost, but Karros had other plans. He threw away Batman and attacked Charlie, but Batman recovered. In the ensuing fight, the section of balcony Karros was on caved in and he plummeted to the streets down below. He was seriously hurt and moved to the County General.


Being a high class mercenary, Karros was equipped with a rifle and grenades. He also used special claws, which could be hidden on his abdomen.


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