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Kanjar-Ro is a space pirate who helped the Manhunter Robots at John Stewart's trial.


Kanjar-Ro testified at John Stewart's trial on Ajuris 5. Ro told the court about Ajuris 4's destruction and the court decided to sentence John Stewart to death for destroying the planet. Fortunately, the Justice League learned of this and went to investigate Ajuris 4's destruction more closely, noting that its moon should've lost its orbit. When Superman and J'onn J'onzz discovered a holographic projection system on the moon, making it seem like Ajuris 4 was destroyed, Kanjar-Ro attacked them in his starship, intending to maintain his secret. However, he was stopped by Hawkgirl and was brought back to the court room, where the League revealed the deception, just before Stewart and the Flash were about to be gassed to death. John Stewart briefly interrogated Ro to find out why he framed him of Ajuris 4's destruction. Ro confessed that that he was paid by the Manhunters to frame John so they could draw the Guardians of the Universe away from Oa to invade.

Background information[]

In the comics, Kanjar-Ro debuted in Justice League of America #3 (February–March 1961) and was created by Gardner Fox. Kanjar-Ro was the dictator of Dhor, a planet that was at war between three worlds. He had used his Gamma Gong to enslave the Justice League, using them to defeat his enemies. However, the Justice League broke out of his control and Ro was defeated, being he and the other dictators placed in a small planet. He had managed to escape and attempted several times to conquer Rann, which lead the Justice League to team-up with Adam Strange to defeat him. One of his attempts was successful, which came into the Rann-Thanagar war.


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