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"Need a hand?"
"The hands aren't the problem!
Gear and Static

Kangor was a Bang Baby.


Kangor was a member of the Ruffpack, along with Hyde and Ferret. While their plan of using Ferret's sense of smell to track Static worked, their other plan—taking him down—didn't. Kangor was defeated by Shaquille O'Neal.

When the Joker came to town, Kangor thought it wise to join his newly formed gang. He tried to talk his old gang-friend Ferret into joining, but he politely declined. Without Ferret, the crew robbed the Dakota National Bank. It wasn't long before Batman came to Dakota; Kangor helped ambush them. When Static freed Batman and Robin, Kangor was eager to take on the Bat again, but proved no match. Later, Kangor joined the Meta-Breed, serving under Ebon. They had planned to capture Static, but Kangor was one of the first to be taken down by the new hero, Gear.

Kangor was one of the first known Bang Babies to be affected by Dr. Todd's cure, which had been sprayed in the air. While robbing a store with Ferret, he weakened and woke up in the hospital, with normal feet again.

Powers and abilities[]

The Big Bang gave Kangor large feet, on which he could put tremendous pressure. He was able to stomp holes in floors, or safely land after jumping off a high-rise. He was also able to crush a police car by jumping on it and then kick it high in the air when fighting Static.


Kangor was very calm and cautious. While Shiv admired the Joker for his intelligence, Kangor refused to trust him. He disliked what he had done to Ferret when Ferret had refused the Joker's offer to join his band of metahumans.


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